Saturday, September 20, 2014


I love Saturdays.

This morning I drove Sam to school for his business program that runs from 9-12. I was surprised that he had to go today since he went last weekend. Turns out it runs every Saturday until the end of the school year.


He said he told us that already but I guess I wasn't listening. I dropped him off and then headed over to my mom's to visit. Poor woman... I talked her ears off. She always knows just what to say and I left feeling much better.

I napped after lunch. It wasn't entirely intentional.... I was thinking about calling a friend to see if she felt like joining me for a hike at the conservation area nearby and I guess I took too long thinking about it because....zzzz...zzz...

Today is Ian and my 20 year engage-a-versary so we went to see The Maze Runner at the theatre. It was good but the ending was not what I expected. Apparently everyone in the world knows this is a book series. Honestly. Now I'm invested and I have to find out what happens.

We picked up pizza on our way home, watched part of Chicken Little, and now my littles are in the bath. Quiet time is on the horizon.

Tomorrow is my weigh-in at Weight Watchers and I'm really hoping I've lost 2 lbs. That's the number I'm looking for because it will put me in new territory weight-wise. I don't feel any different though so I don't know if I did it or not. My home scale's batteries died so I have no idea what I am today. I weigh myself every morning, which is kind of obsessive, but it keeps me on track. I just keep forgetting to change them.

I've recently discovered this new thing called bible journaling. Have you heard about it? It's a special kind of bible with a 2 inch margin and thicker paper, and you can doodle and write stuff and decorate the page. Some of the pictures on instagram are absolutely gorgeous. I write in my bible a lot but there isn't a lot of space so this would be perfect. I've been very blunt around here and said this is what I would like should anyone be thinking about Christmas already... If you want to see what I'm talking about, go to instagram and search the hashtag #journalingbible. Love, love, love.

Ok. I need to mop up bath water and get these little guys to bed.


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