Friday, May 22, 2009

For The Love Of Pete...What A Week

I have no problem admitting that I am glad this week is over.

Wednesday was a terrible day. Just terrible.

Last week I was asked to help call some customers to advise them of any changes to their delivery days and times. Doing so caused me to fall behind, but it was high priority to the company and another woman was pulled from her duties to do the same. All in all, we spent 4 days out of 5 calling customers. We thought we were done and this week - a short week, no less - we set out to get ourselves caught up.

Then...Wednesday arrived.

Along comes the salesman to ask me to call the newly re-routed re-routes. I was told that the customers "might get a little upset".

That, my friends, was the understatement of the century. Irate would be a little closer.

My third call went from calm and friendly to off-the-charts irate in a split second. Never in my entire career have I ever been spoken to this way. I am not a wimp and I can take (and dish) a lot if needed, but this was unlike anything I've ever encountered. My eyes were burning and my cheeks were so flushed. It was all I could do not to slam the phone down in this guy's ear. The language - oh sweet mercy. That man's mama should wash his filthy mouth out.

I was emotionally spent by the time I got home and sat in my beloved recliner with a black cloud hovering over my head. I watched the American Idol finale (AWESOME) and headed up to bed.

About 11:30 I was woken up by Jordan coughing. I knew Ian was still downstairs with her, so I stayed in bed. Then I heard what sounded like choking and hurried downstairs to find Ian sitting on the floor with Jordan, patting her back. She seemed to be gasping for air and was crying so hard, coughing and choking. I ran for the phone and he called 911.

I sat with her on my lap while we waited for them to arrive. Then I realized I was...ahem...hardly dressed appropriately. I will spare you the details of me and my lingerie. I asked Ian to grab my robe for me before the paramedics came, thinking he'd bring me my fuzzy pink one. No. He brought the one that went with my nightie.


Within minutes my living room was filled with firemen and paramedics, and me with my hardly-appropriate-for-company nightgown. As soon as Jordan coughed, they all nodded to one another and said "Croup!"

They gave her a mask that forced ice cold mist into her nose and suggested I get dressed and pack a bag for her for the hospital. I called my mother while I dressed to let her know what was going on, because let's face it, mom's make everything seem better.

The ride to the hospital was uneventful. I sat in the back with Jordan and held the mask to her face while talking and joking with one of the medics. He was a really charming guy and I knew his entire life story by the time we got to the hospital.

One of the nurses on duty is the sister of a friend of mine, so she bumped our chart so we'd be seen by a doctor sooner. I was so grateful. A nurse gave her a treatment of Ventolin which Jordan hated. I had to hold her arms and head just so we could give it to her. My heart just broke. Finally she went limp against me and just took it. She was also given a dose of Prednisone. She curled up in my arms and fell asleep. I sat next to her and watched her. All night.

The morning brought another Ventolin mask and we were discharged just before 8am. I took her to the Tim Horton's kiosk just outside of Emergency and bought her a couple of timbits to eat while I enjoyed a Steeped Tea. We both slept all morning once we got home.

I was worried about how she would do last night but she was perfectly fine. The children had appointments to get their vaccinations today, and I called to see if Dr L could see Jordan too, just to check her out. He said all of our children are perfect and perfectly healthy.

In other news...

My placement will go for "three, maybe four more weeks". I guess this position is definitely going to Kingston. I'm trusting that God has everything worked out for what comes next. I'm going to enjoy the time I have left with my coworkers. They're so great. Today I went out for lunch with *A* and she said "everyone is so much closer since you arrived". I think that's the best compliment I've received from that place, and there's been quite a few.

Sam, Jules and the neighbourhood kids found a bird tonight, and they all begged me to keep the bird in our house.


I refused to allow them to bring the bird inside so Sam got out his old hamster cage and they made a bed for Linda (yes they named it). She is currently in her newly appointed condo, in the backyard, underneath my patio table, covered by the bbq cover. Ian had a long circle-of-life chat with Sam and Linda will be released into the ravine tomorrow.

Like I said... For the love of pete...what a week.



  1. Oh kate! I had no idea you had to call an ambulance! Poor little lamb! PTL that she is fine! HUGS

    I hope Linda enjoys her short-term rental!

  2. Croup is so scary. We were told when Robbie had it that once a baby has had croup once it is likely to come back again. Robbie only had it the once and I pray that it is the same for Jordan.

  3. Jen McKnight10:15 p.m.

    Oh my gosh I love that the kids did that for the bird. Linda what a name for a bird I love it!!!!

    I hope my little party girl is feeling better.