Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Weekend & Pictures Not From The Long Weekend

I have loved being at home with my family this weekend and as usual, its passing by much too quickly. Julie was thrilled to find out that I didn't have to go to work today.

I was pretty thrilled to be able to stay home as well :-)

Saturday Ian took Sam and our nephew out to see Wolverine at the movies and Jules and I began our UNO Marathon Tournament. Score as of Sunday am: Kate 174 / Jules 172.

Yesterday we went to church then headed up north to my in laws for a visit and dinner. Ian and I left the children with his parents and we headed into town to check things out. We hit the local Dairy Queen (Reece's Pieces Blizzard = yum!) and popped into their Zellers.

The BIGGEST news of the weekend is that Jordan is WALKING! And she's brilliant at it, of course. She has been taking 2 or 3 small steps lately but yesterday she just took off and I counted 16 steps in a row.

And I didn't cry.

Can you believe that? My little baby is growing up so fast and I'm enjoying her milestones instead of crying about them.

Oh yes friends, there's hope for me yet.

She resembles Frankenstein a little bit when she walks because she does it with her arms stretched out in front of her. It's so cute to see her little face so excited.

Just as we were heading out the door to drive to Ian's parents' house, I happened to look at Sam's socks. They were absolutely filthy, probably because he's insisted on wearing the same pair all week. I don't know if they are his favourites or something, but I asked him to change them for the sake of his grandparents. He grabbed a freshly laundered pair and said he'd put them on in the car.

While we were visiting, I thanked him for changing his socks. He grinned mischievously at me and said "I never said I'd change them, Mom. I said I'd put them on. And I did... over top of my other ones!"

For the love of pete. He did say it that way too.

Little boys. How can you not just love them to bits??

I can't talk too much today because its a beautiful day and we're heading out to the park with the children.

So, I'll close with some pics of my route to work. Oh you know you wanted to see them, so here they are!

Cruising through Cow Country...

No traffic...

A very quick and pleasant trip...

Along the way I do encounter some weirdness such as this mannequin that sits on someone's front porch. I don't know why its there or what purpose its serving, but it's creepy with a capital C.

This is a mansion that is being built in the midst of a lot of teeny tiny houses. Honestly... such excess. Who needs a house this big???

And my workspace...

This really is a great job. It's challenging and hard, and certainly the fastest paced job I've ever had, but the support and respect I get is really appreciated.

We had a hail storm recently and apparently I'm the last blogger to post her pics! I couldn't remember ever seeing hail before, so we all headed out to the front porch to check it out.

Here is my extremely manly husband, proudly sporting his daughter's pink Barbie umbrella...

... so he could go out and get me this!

Very cool.

That's it for now. We're heading out to enjoy this beautiful day at the park!


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