Monday, August 31, 2009

25 Things About Me

1) I have a thing about odd numbers. I don't like them. I have to buy my produce in even numbers only, with the only exception being grapes and strawberries. If I am cooking potatoes then there has to be an even number of them in the pot. Same with green beans or carrots. But not corn. What kind of freak would count corn?

2) Clowns freak me out. I mean really. They are seriously creepy people. I have yet to hear someone profess their love for a clown.

3) I hate making small talk. I never know what to say and end up saying stupid things, then I spend a lot of time afterwards wondering "what was I thinking??" Which is weird because I talk a lot. A lot.

4) I never seem to get enough sleep. I love sleeping like people love chocolate or money. But it's better than chocolate or money because it won't make a person fat or broke. Just rested. A win-win situation.

5) I'm in love with my family and truly think I have the best children ever. It blows my mind that I am someone's mother. I still don't feel ready to be responsible for someone else. I don't think I ever will.

6) I'm afraid of being lost in space (it could happen you know...I don't know how...but it could...) and movies of this genre cause me to get really tense. I also am afraid of zombies. I once saw a movie about zombies in outer space and I was apoplectic with anxiety. True story.

7) I am also afraid of becoming a victim of a home I keep the door locked at all times...then I check it again...and again...and again...

8) I have mild OCD which you might have picked up on here.

9) I have broken 13 vacuums in 13 years. I don't get why they keep breaking. It's not like I go all She-ra on them or anything.

10) I am afraid of leaving this earth without having made a positive impact on someone else's life.

11) Whenever I have a head ache, I am sure its an aneurysm ready to burst. When I get hot suddenly then I think it's menopause. If I'm tired I think it's lupus. I may suffer from mild hypochondria.

12) I love blogging and it freaks me out that so many people read me.

13) I believe in marriage and that it must be protected above all else.

14) I have noise issues. I hate loud/sudden/constant noise.

15) I have a hard time trusting people because I have been burned so many times.

16) I worry that I'm raising my children wrong and that their therapy bills will be more than their post-secondary education fees.

17) Pizza Hut pizza is the best pizza in the world but it's so expensive so I order from Pizza Pizza instead. Take that, Pizza Hut.

18) I want people to look at me and think I have it all together, even if inside I don't. (is that wrong or is that normal?)

19) I spy on my neighbours from my windows. I pretend like it's because I am concerned about the safety of my community but really it's just that I'm nosy.

20) I worry a lot, even though as a Christian I'm not supposed to.

21) I talk in my sleep and if you talk to me then I will respond. Ian does this to me and can find out what I'm dreaming about. This creeps me out a little bit.

22) I hate confrontation. I have a very sharp tongue when I let it go, so I tend to keep away from situations that would require confrontation.

23) I need to start being less concerned with what people think of me and more concerned with what God thinks of me.

24) I don't like change. In fact, I resent it. I am most comfortable when things are the same and I know what to expect. It amazes me to think of how much in my life is the same, and how many routines I have. It's comforting.

25) I love the person who created M&Ms.



  1. We are so much alike. It's rather scary! Although seriously, who counts green beans?! ;)

    And anytime you worry about #10...go back to #5. You've already made a positive impact. :) Not as though you're excused from your duties now or anything - you may continue!! :D

  2. 10) I am afraid of leaving this earth without having made a positive impact on someone else's life.

    I bet your kids would say you already have :-)

    oh, and the last one - ME TOO!

  3. This made me laugh out loud, for real. I can relate to a bunch of these!!