Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garage Sale & Party Time

Today Ian had a garage sale to try to get rid of some of our un-used stuff.

Note that I said "Ian had".

At last year's garage sale Ian fired me twice before 9am. This year I just stayed out of sight and while I struggled with guilty feelings about not helping him, I had a sense that I was helping just by staying out of the way.

Sam sold some of his things and made about $47. Julie did her Lemonade/Iced Tea stand and made about $18. Not bad.

Afterwards we all headed out shopping so that I could find an outfit to wear to a party I went to tonight. I really don't have a sense of style and if it were up to me, all my clothes would be black, navy or grey.

Which, until I married Ian, they were.

Any I outfit that has colour, Ian is likely responsible for it. Anything that draws compliments...well you might as well give them to him. He is my fashion consultant.

I wandered around the store, waiting for him to show me something so I could try it on and leave. I despise shopping for clothes. I'm not sure if Julie found the outfit I eventually bought or if it was Ian, but the price was right so I tried it on. I wasn't sure about it, but Ian and the children really liked it so I bought it.

When I was showered and dressed and ready to go, Sam said "Mom, you look really, really great. I mean really." and gave me such a tight hug. Julie put her hands over her mouth and said "Oh Mom!"

Guess the outfit was a winner.

I missed my basic black.

The party was in honor of Dawn's 40th birthday. I went on my own and Ian stayed with the children. I intended to go and make an appearance, but I ended up staying for over 3 hours! I sat with Dawn's hair stylist (soon to me MY hair stylist, thankyouverymuch) and her husband and conversation and laughter flowed freely. I also met Karen who also blogs.

Dawn's mum surprised her with a trip to Vegas!

The best part? Blackjack! I won a bottle of wine for my superior Blackjack skilz!

Oh yes, Vegas here I come.

You are taking ME, right Dawn??


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  1. Anonymous8:50 a.m.

    LOL! Steal my doctor, steal my hairdresser, just don't steal my HUSBAND!!!

    You DID look faboo on Saturday night and I love that you had a good time with Mary, Peter and Karen. I have fantastic friends...I guess good people are drawn to REALLY good people like me. ;o)

    It was great to see you after so long...I promise not to let it go that long again. I forgot how great your hugs are!

    Thanks again for coming and congrats to Ian and the kids on their successful garage sale!