Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update: Snippet Style

I am feeling too lazy to blog properly tonight so I'm going to share my thoughts in quick snippet style.


Julie was experiencing pain in her right ear all night on Saturday night so I took her to a walk-in clinic on Sunday afternoon. From there we were sent to the Urgent Care clinic at the hospital. I was really impressed with how quickly she was seen and diagnosed. Turns out she has a really bad ear infection and a "bulging ear drum".



I was so sad to read of Patrick Swayze's passing. By all accounts he was a gentleman and I enjoyed his acting so much. What a loss.

Nobody puts Baby in the corner...


I am seven kinds of excited about my local Walmart.

Oh, I know what you are thinking. "Kate hates that Walmart with the fire of a thousand suns".

And you would be right.


They have given it a huge renovation, moved departments around and have added grocery/meat/bakery sections. It feels positively American, and I think I've made my love for American Walmarts VERY CLEAR.


I can't believe that Kanye West barged onstage at the awards and snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift just as she was about to give her acceptance speech, all to say Beyonce should have won.

What an idiot.

I never liked that guy and I don't like what I read about him in the news. Classless. Self-absorbed. Outspoken. Moronic.

At least he called her to apologize.


And how many ways can I say "I Love You Beyonce" for giving up her moment so Taylor could have hers?

Beyonce, call me!


I tuned in to The View yesterday and today because I figured I should take advantage of Annoying Elizabeth Hasselbeck's maternity leave and who do I see?

Kate Gosselin!!

For the love of pete!! What is WITH this show? Do they have to have an annoying co-host on every single day? (read: Star Jones, Rosie O'Donnell, Elizabeth Hasselbeck...and yeah, I'm going to say it...Whoopi)

I am so tired of listening to this Multiple Mama repeating the same things over and over again, trying to portray herself in a positive light. She is a nasty woman and we all know it.

Psst ... Jon you are behaving like a jerk. Just sayin'.


I am very excited to report that Coffee Hour at my church resumes tomorrow morning. I have missed that group so much. It will be good to reconnect with the ladies there.

I hope I can sleep tonight.


Girls Club starts up again on Thursday and I am really looking forward to that. I mailed out the registration packages last week to twenty-six girls.

Twenty six!

We'll kick off with an Ice Cream Social and spend some time reconnecting.

So excited.


Jessica Simpson's adorable little dog was snatched away by a coyote right in front of her! That image makes me feel so sad because you just know she won't get that dog back.

Are you wondering what she was doing that close to a coyote as much as I am?


I must have watched the Oprah Flashmob video a gajillion times and you know what? I get teary every single time. Why, you ask? Because it is so cool that 20,000+ people would work together, side by side, to pull off something that epic. Oprah's delight and excitement produced a few of my tears too.

Again I have to say... this stunt was epic.


And speaking of this epic stunt inspired by my friends The Black Eyed Peas (ok, not personal friends, but this is my blog and I am allowed to spin things as I wish), I have to share something that continues to amaze me.

You know that the lead singer of The Black Eyed Peas is Will.I.Am, right?

Did you know that his name is really William?

Well I didn't and Ian had to point it out to me.

Talk about feeling dippy.

I wish I had a super cool name I could twist up too.


My mailbox lock has been broken for the longest time. Canada Post told Ian that the management office was responsible for repairing it. The management office said that Canada Post was responsible. Then they both told him that WE were responsible for repairing it. After holding our mail for pickup for a couple of weeks they decided to just "return to sender" everything without telling us.


Anyway, all that to tell you that Ian repaired the lock on the mailbox last night and I now have my very own key AND there was mail in there today.

Let's just say Kate was excited.


I am hoping to go apple picking with Ian, the children and my mom this weekend. We've been going to the same orchard for 35+ years. I am always filled with plans to make apple pies for everyone I love but after making one or two of them the plans fizzle, and we're left with rotting apples.

Not this year, my friends. This year I am going to make apple pie filling and freeze it.

Yep, that's how I'm going to roll.


That is all.

Over and out.



  1. Have I mentioned lately that I love your writing? I feel like we're hanging out, coffee in hand, laughing together! You're so... K.At.E!

  2. Our Walmart is in the midst of a renovation right now and I'm excited about it as well! 20-something days left according to their countdown. Besides that, a brand new one just 10 more miles away opened and its a SUPER Walmart.

    Your post about Kate Gosselin just reminded me that I heard she had a new hairdo. I need to go check that out.

    So sad about Jessica Simpson's dog :-( Scary, too.

    And finally, hooray for getting mail again!

  3. We do our grocery shopping at a super walmart.

    You can make me an apple pie