Friday, January 29, 2010

5QF ~ January 29

Not only am I amazed that it's Friday already, but it's the last Friday in January. I don't know about you guys, but January zips by in this house. Not that that's a bad thing - it brings us a month closer to Spring. And Spring, my friends, is my favourite season.

But I'm not going to talk about that today. Nor am I going to talk about how my knees are screaming in agony from doing Level 2 of the Shred last night. Or how I lay on the floor when it was over, unable to get up, so I watched Level 3 while I waited for Ian to come and see if I was dead or something.

Like I said, not going to talk about that today.

Instead, I'm going to play along with Mama M's Five Question Friday like I do every Friday because it's F-U-N.

1. Would you ever vacation alone?

I guess it would depend on the length of the vacation. A week? No way. I would miss my husband and children far too much, and I would get lonely.

If it was a weekend, then yes, I could do that. But it would have to be for a good reason, like a women's conference or visiting a friend, not to escape from my children. I am one of those moms that really loves being with her family and I don't like to be away from them for an extended period of time. I like us all under the same roof at night. I prayed for these children and I want to be with them as much as I can for as long as I can.

2. Do you go the speed limit?

For the most part, yes. I am usually one or two kph above or below the posted limit. I can't stand it when people speed. If I'm driving and someone is riding my bumper, I will deliberately slow down just to be annoying. Because that's how I roll, saving drivers' lives, one speeder at a time.

3. Why did you start blogging/following blogs?

I started blogging because I thought it would be a fun outlet to have. I never expected to have a readership at all. I follow blogs because I like the style and content, or I like the blogger's writing style. I don't follow a huge number of blogs, rather I add them to my blogroll if I really like them. I know that some bloggers are hung up on the number of followers they have and I don't get why. If five people read my blog because they truly love it then that's like a million in my mind. While I certainly appreciate the people that choose to follow my blog, I write for me.

4. Where do you shop for yourself?

I don't really shop for me. There isn't a lot that I need, praise the Lord.

5. What was the song that you danced your first dance with your spouse to at your wedding...or...what song would you like your first dance to be to?

We didn't have dancing at our wedding. We chose instead to have an afternoon wine and cheese party that ended at 6pm, then Ian and I slipped away for dinner alone and then on to our honeymoon.

If we did have a first dance, it would be to Vanessa Williams' Save The Best For Last.

Want to play along too? Just copy these questions and answer them on your blog, making sure to link up with Mama M's blog.

No blog but want to play anyway, you say? No problem! Just answer the questions in my comment section so I can read your answers!

Thanks Mama M! Have a great Friday everyone :-)

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  1. I seriously need to do this one Friday maybe next Friday there are too many Friday options. Anyway.... I gave you an award on my blog I know I already told you but I am telling you again. I see you have already gotten it but you know just spreading the love!

  2. Huh. Interesting. And thats all I have to say about that.

  3. i don't want to travel alone...doesn't matter if its a short or long travel. love to have somebody to talk to all the time :)

    happy friday

  4. Your answers always make me smile! Hope your knees are feeling better!

  5. I'm with you. I don't think I could do more than a weekend away from my kiddos.

    I love that Vanessa Williams song! Good choice!

  6. You are the lady that I am screaming at while driving down the road " Just go lady I am in a hurry!! " LOL .. nah I am not THAT bad but sometimes I really do get to driving a little fast

  7. What a neat idea to have a wine and cheese party and then go to dinner on your own and start your honeymoon! That is awesome!

  8. Totally agree with #1 and #3 ;)

  9. Amen, sister! That's what was going through my noggin while I was reading your answers....I love your blog :) Happy weekend!

  10. B ~ Thanks for the award, friend! You are SO sweet! Can't wait for this Friday to read your answers :-)

    Amanda ~ HA!

    RJ's Mama ~ I would likely talk the ear off whoever was unfortunate enough to stand near me

    Mama M ~ Thanks ;-) I've been icing them the last few days and that's been helping a lot

    Cop Mama ~ Yesterday I was away from the children for 7 hours and I missed them like crazy!

    Tyler ~ I'm sure the jerk behind me yells worse things at me ;-)

    Hi Emily! ~ My husband and I didn't want a big formal dinner because then I'd be obsessing about whether a) the guests were enjoying the food or b) that we were on display while we ate. Besides, we thought that it would create a more intimate setting

    Alessandra ~ high five, girl!

    Jill ~ Thanks! Hope you're having a great weekend!