Friday, June 11, 2010

5QF ~ June 11

Special thanks to the folks at YouTube for showing this particular dorky picture

Come play along at My Little Life!



  1. (I've always wondered how they decide what still shot to show...)

    Another great vlog. I'm still working up courage (& time alone) to do it.

  2. Seriously...I know I say it everytime...but I LOVE your vlogs!

    You are so cute! And the hair? Awesomeness. Of course.

    I love your "sisters of the heart" comment, that is sooooo true! And, I want to go to a theme park with you, so that you can hold my stuff...oh, and 'cuz you're fun, too! ;)

  3. Woo Hoo! I love that I am not alone in the rides department. I hate all that stuff too. It's not a "thrill" to me at all.

    And ewwww.... Do not ever want to see someone else give birth. They asked me if I wanted a mirror too and I gave them an emphatic NO!

  4. Lady, you are funny!

    I just finished up a Beth Moore dvd because I'm home sick from church today. So I'm going from Beth Moore to Kate. ;) Some fun blondes!

    Your beach bag thingy isn't purple?!? That's why you regret that purchase, you know.

    Can I go with you to Disney World?

    So fun meeting you! (And I answered a response to the Fence Post thread on blog frog. I'm a bit nervous . . . you know, in case you didn't mean me). ;)

  5. You look like you would be a great friend...which I lived closer, we could give it a test run! LOL

    what is a Vlog??

    thanks, Susan

  6. I love when you vlog, too :)

    I'm sooo with you on that last question. I've only seen births on those awkward videos in anatomy classes, but that was my fair share. I wish I could just be put to sleep when I finally decide to reproduce because I don't think that's something I want to witness. If only I could just wake up from a nice, restful nap and have a baby that was delivered for me while I slept!