Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tuesday's Treats ~ Cake Balls

One of the easiest treats to make in the entire world are Cake Balls.

Some of you may remember that there was a time when I didn't think they were so easy to make! You can read about that fiasco here.

I have yet to have someone try one and not love them.

You'll Need:
1 boxed cake mix (I usually use Devils Food but you can really get creative)
1 container of frosting (I use chocolate)
Chocolate for melting (I use Wilton's meltables. A little pricey but so worth it)

Step One:
Prepare and bake cake according to instructions on the box
Let cool for 30 minutes

Step Two:
Crumble warm cake into a large bowl. Empty contents of the container of frosting. Mix well. You'll have to get your hands in there, so be prepared!

Step Three:
Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper. Roll dough into 1 inch balls and place on cookie sheet. Freeze for 1 hour.

Step Four:
Melt chocolate into a bowl. Dip balls into melted chocolate and turn gently to coat. Place on another waxed paper lined cookie sheet. Once all are coated, place tray in the refrigerator to harden

Step Five:
Pour a glass of milk and enjoy your efforts!

I get a lot of requests for these, and even had a co-worker of Ian's order two dozen from me! Crazy!

There are all sorts of flavour combinations that you could try. I have found that Red Velvet is very popular, although I haven't tried them yet.

Let me know if you tried them, and what flavours you like the best!



  1. Yum! Those look really, really good!

  2. Yours look so fantastic! Move over, Pioneer Woman ;o)

  3. That is way to many directions for me but they look sooo super yummy..

    Dear Ian- please teach Kate to ship Cake balls and cookes ASAP -Thanks, Me

  4. Oh my those look so yummy. Doesn't seem too difficult? I do not bake and have no skills. I think I might try them for my daughters bday party at school

  5. How do you avoid that flat little pool of melted chocolate that collects around the bottom of them????

    I may have to try these! Did you see that Bakerella made "Cheesecake Balls"...don't they sound sinful!?!?!

  6. I have never tried these. They look delish! If you say they're not that difficult to make, I'm going to give them a try! My littles would love that. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I still can't make them work but they are delicious even in a fiasco! haha

  8. I came over from Kaleena's blog. What a sweet thing for you do for her! I just wanted to come and say hi and thanks for what you did.

    I have not tried the cake balls yet, but I so need to!

  9. I went back and read your first post about them and now I am scared to make them. Especially after one of those comments up there : )

    Any tips. I might have to do this all weekend! This will not be good for the waistline!

  10. Cake Balls are AMAZING!!! I LOVE them, but if I make them...I tend to eat them all and too quickly, might I add. Therefore, I only make them if I have something specific to bring them to...like my 2nd graders or a teacher's luncheon!! :) Thanks for sharing the easy recipe though. I'm all about simple!