Thursday, September 02, 2010

Happy 90210 Day!

How cool is that? 9-02-10!

I don't think there was anyone on the planet who loved this show as much as I did.

What I am about to tell you might shock you a little.

I cried watching the finale.

I wanted it to go on forever and ever, with its juicy storylines and fabulous makeup and clothes, and their solid friendships.

I loved it when David and Donna got together. I preferred Kelly with Dylan instead of Brenda, and I was thrilled to no end when Brenda left the show.

Those were the days.

I tried watching the new one but I've lost track of what is going on. It isn't the same anyway. I had hoped for the return of some of the original characters but that was so short lived.

I wonder if I could buy every single season off Ebay and just watch it all in a row until my eyes fall out.

Kinda like I did with Season One and Two of Lost.

Were YOU a watcher? Did you have a favourite storyline?



  1. Hysterical! Brings back some serious memories. I was a watcher for sure. Sorry I've not been by in a while. Obviously, I've had my hands a bit full. I promise to do better!

  2. I loved the whole Kelly/Dylan/Brenda drama, I loved when Tiffany Amber Thiessen joined the cast as Valerie and I also loved to see how many different styles and colors Donnas hair was through all the seasons. Never a dull moment.

  3. It took me a second to get the title when I first saw it in my blog list. Cute!

    But, alas, I was not a watcher, follower or fan. I hope this information will not ruin our bloggy friendship :)

  4. I wasn't a watcher when it was on originally, but I've seen every episode on the re-runs on Soap Net and I love it! My favorite years were the last few years Brandon was on the then the final years when David and Donna get together again and Kelly and Dylan get back together again too.