Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love At First Sight

Willow has a girlfriend.

He met her last weekend.

Her name is Kali and she's lovely.

This past Saturday afternoon, my friend Cindy and I met up at a conservation area near where we both live, and she brought her friend's dog with her. As soon as we parked the car Wills started whimpering.

Look at his face when he saw her.

I do believe it was love at first sight.

Here they are meeting each other.

Just look at this beautiful road we walked along.

I have to show you what kind of shoes Cindy wore for our walk...

Fashion first!

Do dogs smile? I think so...just look at his happy face.

I think they needed some cold water poured over them, if you catch my drift.

We're going to get them together for a second date this weekend.

Puppy love. Ain't it grand?



  1. Awww.... Very cute!

  2. Ooooh that is too much! I feel happy reading about these two and looking at the pictures - that's so incredible! Aaaaaaw! I'm going to go look at the pictures again - they're too sweet for words! Thanks for sharing! (Hallmark and Disney got NOTHIN on this one, Kate!)

  3. How cute!!! I LOVE Golden Retrievers.. there is no better dog!! So glad Willow will get to see his girlfriend again soon :)

  4. Are we thinking puppies in the future?