Friday, October 01, 2010

Last Weekend

Know what I'm going to talk about today, on the eve of a brand new weekend?

Last weekend.

I know, I'm late. But not really. It was just such a great weekend and I've been savouring it a lot.

It kicked off with Girls Night on Friday night. Jules and I baked and decorated sugar cookies. It was so messy but so much fun. She loves to get into my icing tips and sprinkles. Lots of laughing and talking together.

Here are our cookies:

So fun.

Saturday morning we went apple picking. My mom wasn't up for joining us this year, and my nephew had plans, so we went on our own. We've gone to the same apple orchard for the last 30 years and it's funny how things have always stayed the same.

This is what we were picking:

This is our tractor driver. I was trying to take a picture of Ian and the children on the tractor while holding my tea. The driver was looking right at me and started to drive off. Without me!! Talk about a blond not being able to do two things at once. I couldn't hold my tea AND my camera AND get on the tractor. Thank goodness for the 8,000 (or 15) people on the tractor that yelled for him to stop. What a dramatic disaster.

Note how he isn't looking at me now. That's right, Mr. Driver Man...don't you be lookin' at me now.

Jordan was really into picking this year. She got the concept right off the bat and loved it. It was a perfect day to go because the trees were full and many of the branches were low enough for her reach on her own.

I love this picture. Remember this post when I talked about how Ian heals the wounds of my childhood? When I see him holding our children, I feel my heart healing that much more.

I love that we have this yearly tradition.

So do the children.

While the children (and my biggest kid, Ian) played in the hay pit, I browsed through the store and just about DIED FROM EXCITEMENT when I saw they had rhubarb. I need to go back and buy some. It's a need people. Like air is a need.

On our way home we made a special stop.

Afterwards, I met up with my friend Cindy to walk the dogs.

In the evening we had our Family Night and watched Iron Man 2.

Sunday was church, followed by a visit with my beautiful mother and a family hike in the late afternoon.

I loved that weekend.

Lots scheduled for this weekend too. I wonder if we can make it as good as last weekend?

Here's hoping!



  1. That looks like so much fun! We've never been to an orchard...pumpkin patches, yes, and apple orchard, no!! I think we need to do this!

    Love your photos...the one of Ian and Jordan is just heartwarming.

    Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!

  2. Oh those cookies look delish!! And don't you just love family traditions?

  3. I'll bet it will be just as much fun! When you plan to have fun, you usually do!

    So many apple picking pictures on different blogs lately. I feel like we're missing out on somethin'. I think I'll go look for a local orchard and take the kiddos :0)

  4. Aw, Kate, that sounds marvelous! I wish I could have come - it sounds like it was just one of those sweet weekends that leaves you with nothing but smiles when you look back on it... those are the best! You have such a wonderful family - it makes me happy to know you're enjoying your time with them! Thanks so much for sharing - I hope this weekend is just as perfect!