Monday, October 04, 2010

What Happened To Customer Service?

Yesterday I went to the fabric store. I love going there because it inspires me to be creative, but if I spend too much time there then I get overwhelmed and bored and end up leaving with nothing. Which is actually a good thing since I'm not spending any money that way.

But yesterday the fabric store was having a sale and everyone and their uncle was there. Man was it crowded. I had Jordan with me which is always nerve wracking for me, because she is a typical 2 year old and has to touch everything.

(Oh how I love her!)

I found some Halloween fabric I liked and went to join the lineup at the cutting table. Before I could even stop her, Jordan had grabbed a handful of fabric from a nearby table and pulled on it, bringing down about eight bolts of fabric onto the floor.

Being the calm and patient mother that I always am, I screeched "JORDAN NOOOOOO!"

But it was too late. I looked at the lady and apologized profusely while I tried to pick everything up.

Then she barked at me, "Just leave it!! That's why we don't like having little ones in here!"


I was shocked.

I looked around at all the people looking at me and I felt so embarrassed. Then she told a young girl to take over for her so she could lock up the doors. As she walked through the store I could hear her shouting "Fifteen minutes to closing, people. Fifteen minutes!!"

Once my fabric had been cut I went to stand in line to pay. I saw her going up to each person to tell them that they were closing in fifteen minutes and that they needed to start wrapping things up.

When one man pointed out that there was fifteen minutes left she said, "Yes, but we have to check everyone through the cash register and I'd like to go home sometime today you know!!"

When I paid for my stuff I asked for the woman's name and for the name and number of the manager then met up with Ian in the mall to tell him what happened. He got all cross on my behalf and when we passed the store I pointed the woman out to him. He asked if I got the name of the manager and I said yes and he's going to call tomorrow.

I love it when he does stuff like that. Gets my back. Defends me.

I don't want anything from the store, I just want the manager to know what kind of people are representing it.


Has anything like this happened to you? Would you have said or done anything if you experienced this?



  1. OH...I'm so sorry you had a bad experience! I consider the fellow shoppers at my local fabric store my soul-mates. :) They're all creative and they have projects in their que. I have had bad customer service in many areas of the service world. Most of the time I fill out bad customer reports and call it a day. A few times, after being ignored too long, I've said something snarky like, "OH MAN! I forgot I took my invisibility pill today! Sorry about that. I'm here! Please help me!" another time, I actually got in a ladies face (read: approx 12 inches away) and asked her if she'd been working in the service industry very long...cause if she kept talking to customers like that, she wouldn't need to worry about them for much longer. That was a horrible experience. However, I come from a service industry I get it.

  2. Unbelievable!!!! With all the people looking for jobs, this lady obviously doesn't have a clue and has no business working with the public. Reporting her to the manager is exactly what you need to do. Employers need to know how their employees are representing their company, and take the proper action to set this lady straight! No one should be treated the way you were.

  3. Wow!

    A very long time ago, like at least 15 years now, I was in line at the drug store and one of the cashiers decided to close her till because it was her break time, even though there were at least 5 people in her line and another 5 in the other line. The other cashier asked her to stay and she flat out refused.

    I wrote a letter to the store explaining my displeasure and I actually got a response back from the manager! He told me that the cashier was reprimanded.

  4. I'd have spoken to the manager on duty right away so they could nip it in the bud! You're doing the right thing by reporting this woman. Granted, perhaps she had a bad day or received sad news about a loved one, but she still has a job to do. You can never go wrong if you're reporting someone for the right reason (to ensure better future customer service for yourself and others), but those who complain just to get a freebie are just as bad in my opinion!

  5. I would have come back with and your attitude is why I am now leaving and not returning and why I'll tell all of my friends about it and why I'll also calling your supervisor. It was an accident and if you can't see it as one then you don't need my business either. Ya know, if I was in a bold mood. Otherwise, I'd just do what you did except, I still wouldn't have bought anything.

  6. Someone accused me of trying to steal an extra order of fries at a drive-thru at Wendy's once. I was so frustrated that she was being so rude when I was clearly handing over my debit card to have her add the 99 cents on it that in between her yelling at me, I parked the car, went inside and asked for the manager. After speaking with her, I wrote a letter to corporate telling about the incident. I got free Wendy's coupons for 6 months!
    Maybe I over-reacted but it's completely annoying that the job market is so bad (here anyway) and people sincerely need jobs yet others get hired who aren't very grateful for them. It burns me up!

  7. Rude, disrespectful people are what brings the world down.

    I am convinced that this world would be a MUCH better place if people were kind and patient and respectful.

    Dang lady...I feel sorry for her. To be so unhappy in her life that she treats people so horribly!!

  8. Wow, really!? Some people are so miserable and sad and for some reason need to pass that on to everyone else. I have definitely ran into people like that, good for you for getting the info and speaking up because I would hope that the manager would not be happy about employees acting like that!

  9. Anonymous1:41 p.m.

    "Oh, I'm sorry. Is my being in the store, purchasing fabric to keep you employed bothering you? I'll just go ahead and leave then and go to your competitors." Oh and add this " Oh, and just so I don't forget, you know how my daughter accidentally dropped some of the fabric on the floor? That's nothing compared to what she did in the back. Have a lovely day"

    Yes, this is why I am not allowed in stores by myself anymore-lol. I have walked out of places because of bad service and will continue to do so.

    I went to buy boots one time at the mall. The lady at the counter read her paper and ignored me (for about 7 minutes). It wasn't until just as I was leaving the lady said "can I help you?" I replied " No, thanks. I don't want to interrupt your reading. I'll go elsewhere"
    I actually did and then told the manager the next day he missed out on a $100 sale due to her customer service!

  10. Oh' sorry to hear that! I think they need to provide customer service for them to increase their sales. Anyway, thanks for sharing.