Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Six Things On Wednesday

1) All day I thought today was Tuesday and it's Wednesday. I feel like someone stole a day from my week. This is not good.

2) I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. It's in my field, however I suspect it's way out of my league. I am a mess tonight thinking about it. I don't know if I am more worried that I won't be offered the job, or anxious that I will. As I type this I am tucked in my bed, crying like the biggest crybaby you've probably ever seen, thinking about how much I will miss Jordan during the day, or who will watch the kids over Christmas break? And on and on...

3) Willow is lucky he's a cutie patootie because I was ready to list him on eBay this week. I took him to the conservation area on Saturday as usual, and he ran and ran and ran with Kali, his beloved. He swam for the first time and really enjoyed it. He somehow injured his back paws and they were bleeding. I don't know what caused it but the bleeding stopped shortly after we got home. Then the whining and carrying on started and went on all afternoon, all night, all the next day.... He wouldn't eat or drink anything either. I couldn't find anything outwardly wrong with him and I was getting worried about his insides, so I booked an appointment with the vet.

Long story short, he's completely healthy. Diagnosis? Love sickness. Nice. $77.40 to learn that he was missing Kali. We got them together last night and he was a happy dude afterwards. No whining, he's eating and drinking again, and Mama is happy.

4) I haven't really been baking much of anything lately. Not feeling all that inspired to be honest. Well, I did try Apple Crumble and will be showing that to you soon.

5) We're going to Ian's parents' house this Saturday to celebrate his Dad's birthday, and I believe we're going to visit the pumpkin patch as well.

6) I encountered the most annoying cashier at the grocery store on the weekend. I am certain he was new, so I tried to be patient with him. I asked him if the cases of pop went through for the sale price and he said "Maybe they did....maybe they didn't." I asked him if he could please check and he said "Maybe I will....maybe I won't." They were offering free pumpkins if you spent over $60 and I said something about not forgetting that I had a pumpkin in my cart and he said "It's not your pumpkin. It's my pumpkin. It isn't yours until you pay for your groceries."

I managed not to jump over the counter and strangle him. Because I'm nice like that.

That's about all I have to report. I've been a very lazy blogger lately because I've just been feeling so blah. I'm not one of those bloggers that only talk about the sunshine and roses, but I'm also not one that whines endlessly. Even though there are times I really want to. And inwardly there's Whinefest 2010 going on in my head.


So I will end this on a positive note. I love my iPhone. I love Fall. I love my sleep and I'm going to go get some of that right now.

Be blessed my friends.



  1. I am praying that every thing will go just perfect tomorrow. Whether that perfect is a new job or if that perfect is another opportunity down the road. Praying for peace of mind for you tonight!!Please let us know how it goes.

    So sweet that Willow is love sick.. not so sweet it cost you 77 dollars. You will just have to have lots of outings so he can play I guess.

    Love ya girlie.. hang in there (((HUGS)))

  2. So do you want me to pray you get the job, or pray you don't? LOL

    Oh, & the guy at the grocery store? So frickin' NOT funny. I would have smacked him. And went to jail. With a smile. :)

  3. What is it with the people you encounter lately who are supposed to have manners? Hello! Do they not realize that you help keep them employed?! Sheesh. The rudeness these days is really through the roof!

    Hope all goes well with you tomorrow!

  4. Oh no way!!! The cashier sounds like a brat! I would have been tempted to pull out a huge random stack of coupons and make him look through all of them to see if I had anything that qualified, hee hee (but I'm not nice like you!)

    Hope your interview goes marvelously!

  5. OH KATE!!! I love that you ended this on a positive note. I'm baking this week, but apparently have neither motivation nor skill. (Please refer to my latest post.) Glad Willow is well. Molly almost ended up on ebay this week too. Let's just say that I learned an important lesson about chicken wrappers and leaving the garbage on the floor when I go pick my boy up at school.