Sunday, October 24, 2010

Job Interview Results & One Creepy Dude.

Thursday was the job interview I told you about on Wednesday. I was stressed out about what to wear but was able to find something in my closet. The agency told me to "dress sharp", something I haven't done in a long, long time. Willow ate one of my black heels, so my mom loaned me really cute pair of hers, as well as a pair of pantyhose.

Pantyhose. I think Satan himself created those things. I hadn't worn them in so long that I was surprised I could even remember how to put them on. I had one leg in and was working on the other when I lost my balance and crashed head first into the wall and fell down. My mom is much smaller than I am so the pantyhose didn't quite cover all of my butt, but I figured my pants would hold them up. (They didn't, but we don't need to discuss how they slowly fell down, taking my pants with them)

Next I managed to poke myself in the eye with my eyeliner, as well as the mascara wand thing. And I sneezed while putting it on, so as I am sure you can envision...I was a mess.

At least my hair looked good.

The interview was with Staples Head Office and it went very well. I didn't expect to get the job but I wanted to give it my best shot anyway. They asked a lot of tough questions, and I began to see that my time as a SAHM was going to make a difference. I felt like I said everything I wanted to say, and walked away feeling good.

I found out later that afternoon that they felt I interviewed well, however two other candidates had more of what they were looking for. I feet ok about it. It would have been beyond my abilities.

And so, the search continues. The next job will be the winner :-)

Thursday evening was Girls Club which was awesome. Lots of hugs and laughter. When Jules and I came home we took Willow out for a walk. When we were a couple of houses away from ours, a car came around the corner and hit the brakes and just idled there. I thought maybe it was someone we knew and they were stopping to talk. We lingered for a moment then continued up our driveway.

We were just reaching our porch when a man came walking along the sidewalk and stopped in front of our house. Willow went nuts barking and snarling. I couldn't believe it, it was completely out of character for him. The guy started to say something but I could hardly hear him. I think he said he wanted to talk to me about God, so I said "Oh no thanks! We're Christians!"

Oh my gosh, who says that? What Christian says that?

Meanwhile, Willow continued to growl and bark, and I was starting to feel really, really unsettled. I was trying to hold him on the porch and push Julie inside when the door swung open and Ian was there. He'd come to see what the heck was going on outside. I said goodnight to the man and practically shoved Jules into the house and locked the door.

If he did really want to talk to me about God, where was his bible? His pamphlets? Creepy dude.

This is a very long post, isn't it?

I have other things to tell you, but my fingers are tired and I'm sure your eyes are tired from reading.

Hope you had a great weekend :-)



  1. Way to go with the interview. I'm too chicken to do things like that...go through the steps even tho I'm pretty sure the job isn't the right fit!

    Ah...who am I kidding. I hate interviews, period. Which is, perhaps, why I've only held two jobs in my lifetime.

    If only I could've been a fly on the wall watching the whole pantyhose thing. Wait...did that sound creepy? Ewww...I didn't mean it like, you know, WATCHING you. Just watching the whole crashing headfirst into wall bit!

    And, taking your pants with them?!! Are you serious?!

  2. It's okay - I don't to pantyhose either. Especially when I wear pants. Seems like a waste of time and the pants always stick to the nylons and look all weird for me. Blah.

    And that guy? CREEEEEEEPY. Family and I came home last week from visiting with our builder out at the lot and there was a blue SUV idling in front of our house... Just... sitting there. We drove slowly towards our driveway and put on our blinker to turn into the drive way and still they sat. It wasn't until we opened the garage door that they raced away (and SUPER fast!). We didn't see the car again, but it's not one we've seen before (our neighborhood is small) and couldn't have been someone "passing through" as our neighborhood also doesn't have any outlets. Weird. Good job Willow!

  3. LOL.. you crack me up!! I can just picture you getting ready and having all these things happen... to funny!

    Hate that the job didnt come through but how great was it that they thought you did a great job and I am so proud of you for giving it a shot esp if you thought it was something that would not be your "thing" Your right.. the next one will be IT!

  4. OMGosh... your poor eye. I could totally picture that happening. You'll get the perfect job soon, I just know it! :) And that creepy dude? Yikes.

  5. Okay, can I just say that the whole panyhose paragraph had me laughing out loud! I would sooo do something like that!

    I'm glad to hear Ian was home. My knight in shining armor would have been at the door lickety split too!