Sunday, October 03, 2010

It's Happening Again...

I'm having another great weekend :-)

Friday night we took the children to a farewell party for Ian's coworker. His children were performing at a local pub and it was lovely. Jordan danced with her daddy and it was such a precious sight to see.

Saturday morning brought rain, but it didn't stop Cindy and me from taking the dogs on another hike. Even though we ended up very wet, very chilled and with two very muddy dogs... it was an invigorating start to our day.

I dropped Wills off at home and headed off to get my hair done and I feel so much better! I have very thick hair and it grows so fast, so I looked like I had some sort of dark rooted nest on my head. But not now, my friends. Now I look fab-u-lous.


Our wonderful babysitter came to stay with the children so Ian and I could go to see Resident Evil 3D. Great effects and the pop-out factor was rather high. I think I screamed a half dozen times and with all the jumping, I lost approximately a third of my popcorn. This new polarized 3D business is amazing, so much better than the old style of 3D, with the red eye/blue eye paper glasses.

When I say "polarized" I feel very smart. I'm not entirely sure that's what it's called...I'll have to double check with my Ian.

*Ok, I just checked and Ian said it is polarized. See? So smart.

This morning has been extremely lazy so far. Ian let me sleep in until 11, then brought me a perfectly made cup of tea in my favourite Eeyore mug. I've showered and had my cereal, and now I'm just lazing about. I'll be heading out shortly to run a couple of errands, but nothing terribly pressing.

Not a bad weekend at all.

How is YOUR weekend?



  1. My weekend was fun!! Busy, but fun!

    So, I say we either need a vlog...or you and I should Skype. I wanna see this fabulous hair with my very own eyes!! (But, I better make sure I look half-way decent!!) ;)

  2. Numero Uno: It's "Cindy and I"...not "Cindy and Me"

    Numero Due: Good for you for hiking. I wish I had the motivation to get exercising

    Numero Tre: Resident Evil = not my bag, 3D or not

    Numero Quattro: Polarized? You ARE a smart cookie

    Numero Cinque: 11:00 am sleep in? I officially HATE you

    Numero Sei: OK, not really

    Numero Sette: You SHOWERED? Wow

    Numero Otto: I am counting in Italian cuz I am SMART

    Numero Nove: I don't have much else to say

    Numero Dieci: I love you.

  3. See told ya it'd be great! :)

  4. I love that your having a good weekend! We are too. The boys moved into their new bedroom in the addition yesterday and so far the shared room thing is a big success! Followed by a birthday dinner with the in-laws (mine is Wed.) and an awesome church service this morning....awesome weekend is had by all! Must see a picture of that fabulous hair, please!!!

  5. Our weekend was filled with good and some bitter-sweet...antiquing at a huge jamboree with my mom, sister, little cousins...then heading to a major hospital to check on our brother-in-law who's having chemo in preparation for his stem-cell transplant. Praying he stays healthy while the chemo depletes his body of every last white blood cell then uses the stem-cells to fight back to health...crazy and could be scary if we didn't trust that God was loving and in control!
    Then double soccer games today...phew! Sorry about the book here! Have a GREAT week!!!

  6. I'm laughing that you lost some of your popcorn because I do that all the time! My weekend was good. I got lots of cleaning done.

  7. I'm laughing that you lost some of your popcorn because I do that all the time! My weekend was good. I got lots of cleaning done.