Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update On Last Week's News

I have to begin this post with a big fat THANK YOU for all of your lovely comments on my last post announcing my pregnancy. I appreciate you so much.

I am now 12 weeks along and it still feels so surreal. But I'm excited.

I'm feeling pretty good :-) I don't feel nauseated as much anymore, although it does tend to hit me when I sneeze for some reason. I'm still very, very tired though, and some nights I'm in bed before my two year old! Ian has been wonderful to me, and has been very patient with my sleep/nap schedule and is holding down the fort in terms of meals and child care.

I'm not craving any one particular food. More like everything! We had KFC on Friday night and my kids thought they'd died and gone to Heaven. I haven't eaten KFC in YEARS because of a statement I once read put out by PETA. But Friday night I didn't want to think about my years long ban. I just wanted the Colonel's special recipe in mah belly. STAT! I'm also enjoying cucumbers with ranch dip. Oh, and pickle juice. Not so much the pickle part...mostly the juice.

I'd forgotten what early pregnancy was like. The multiple trips to the bathroom, the ravenous hunger that would hit me all of a sudden.... Many nights I have sat up in bed at 3am absolutely starving. And let's not forget the hormones! Laughing one minute, ready to rip someone's head off the next... then dissolving in a puddle of tears. I cry at everything . I just can't help it.

It took me a very long time to accept that we were having another child. It wasn't even on our radar when I started going to the specialist this Fall. The doctor sent me for a whole slew of bloodwork and at the very end tacked on a pregnancy test. I told him it wasn't necessary because my family doctor said I didn't ovulate anymore and couldn't get pregnant. I just about fainted when the nurse called with my results. But that's a story for another day.

I struggled with blogging about this because I know of so many people struggling to have their first child, and here I am having my fourth. I don't understand why life works that way, but my heart goes out to these women. I have never experienced their type of pain, but my heart hurts for them all the same.

That's a wrap for now.



  1. Kate - as you know I really want baby #2 and while I feel a little jealous that you are pregnant that does not negate the joy I have in your announcement. I am truly happy for you and Ian. Every baby is special and I would be just as excited if this was your 12th baby. Every baby is special. Congrats and hugs!

  2. Pickle JUICE? That's just vile.

    Are you still seeing Dr. L?

    So happy for you...

  3. congrats!! blessings to you!!

  4. I remember going to bed very, very early with both of my two, but I did not have any strange food cravings, just lots of desire for sweet stuff with B.

    Apparently God had other plans that your family doctor didn't know about, huh?

  5. Love! I miss you too - we'll chat soon - my life is a hectic mess these days but I am so so so so so happy for you and praying especially hard for you this beautiful third week of Advent!

  6. Where have I been that I missed a post from a whole week ago??? I'm sorry! I share the same exact sentiments on being pregnant with our fourth--surprised, apprehensive and excited--yet I feel so bad for our friends that have been trying for years. It's hard to understand God's plan sometimes! I just have to focus on giving Him the glory and praise for all things!
    Your cravings made my queasy stomach flip. This time is so much worse! I'm a Bland Blanche! Someday my taste for food will come back, I hope! Crazy...I'm not losing weight though.
    Hope you get lots and lots of rest this week! :)