Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long Weekend

This past weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend and we filled it right up. Saturday Ian had a garage sale and was able to sell some of our excess stuff. I was pre-fired again this year which was fine by me. I can't stand the whole garage sale shopper's mentality. If something is marked for $2 and they offer $1 it KILLS me. One year I told someone I would rather smash the object on my driveway than sell it to them at the price they were offering. I don't care that Ian fires me.

Sam set up his table to sell his Pokemon cards, and Julie had an iced tea stand. Jordan and I visited with my mom and sister inside and enjoyed the air conditioning.

Sunday I skipped church again. I know... shameful. I've been so uncomfortable lately and the chairs are hard, the sermons can run long, it's hot and then there's the touchy feely peeps afterwards. And let's not forget all the questions... "Are you still around?" "How much longer?" "How are you feeling?"

We went to Ian's parent's for dinner in the late afternoon and the children played themselves right out outside. I sat and watched which is just about all the energy I had to spare.

I seem to be getting more and more tired as this pregnancy continues. I find myself wanting to be close to Ian and/or home as much as possible. This time last year, mom and I had made several trips to the beach where she rented the cottage. We haven't gone at all this year. Just the drive to my inlaws' house on Sunday exhausted me.

Monday was a quiet day. I napped and read, and later on met up with Ian and the girls at the park. The park has this little whale thing that rocks back and forth, and Ian got into it and was rocking so hard and making these faces, and I just about died laughing. I love that guy. He'll do anything to make us laugh.

Today I was very excited to return to work, for the sole reason that I am in love with the ice maker in the office fridge. Chewing on crushed ice really helps my always present reflux and it won't make me gain weight.

Friday I have my 7th ultrasound and then on Monday I have an appointment with an anaesthesiologist to discuss the risks of an epidural and what to prepare for in the event of an emergency c-section. Then I see my doctor in the evening for my regular prenatal appointment. Glory. All these appointments.

I'm getting so excited to meet this baby! We've chosen his names, and he'll have three like his brother and sisters. We chose names of two men we truly respect and have impacted our family in wonderful ways.

That's all the time I have to chat tonight. It's the Dancing With The Stars finale and I don't want to miss a minute of it.



  1. I was always tired just before mine were born too. With Bethany I wanted to do nothing when I got home but sit in the chair and be waited on. Yeah, that didn't really happen since I had a seventeen month old around and Yohn wasn't always home with me, but still, it's what I wanted. So I completely sympathize with you there.

    Can't wait to hear the names and see the pictures of the new family member!

  2. HAHAHA I love the garage sale thing. Seriously, it's a dollar don't offer 50 cents. My goodness!

    You'll be meeting that little boy SO soon! Can't wait to see pictures and hear his name. :)

  3. You crack me up! I love having garage sales but hate the bartering. It's not too bad--usually just one crazy cheap woman!
    Take it easy and nap lots! Baby Boy is going to need lots of cuddling, so stock up on sleep now! :)