Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Another lovely Christmas has come to an end.

Saturday night, Ian and I took the children to our friends' church about a half hour north of us for their children's service. Our regular church wasn't doing a children's service this year, and we felt that mass would be too long for the little ones, so this worked out beautifully for us.

For the drive there, I decided to sit in the very back of the van with Jordan so we could hold hands, sing songs and tell secrets. I wasn't banking on Ian and Sam playing Feliz Navidad over and over and over all the way to the church. I can't stand that song. I got to hear it all the way to my mother's house as well. Lucky me.

The service itself was lovely. I loved singing Silent Night by candlelight, and looking at my precious family. I felt so thankful for them. Afterwards our friends gave us a tour of their church and I was beyond impressed with everything they showed us and shared about the ministries there. I'd love to go back again.

After church we went to my mom's for a delicious ham dinner, followed by our tradition of new pjs and reading The Night Before Christmas. When we came home, Julie and I helped Jordan make cookies for Santa.

Speaking of Santa... guess who showed up in our backyard?? The Big Guy himself! We heard him jingling his bells and his "ho! ho! ho!" Jordan was so excited I thought she'd jump out the window!

Our Christmas morning began at 6am. Sam and Julie were already awake, so Ian and I went in to wake Jordan. As soon as we spoke she flung her blankets off and was heading out the door to go downstairs. Matthew slept through pretty much the whole thing!

We went to my Mom's for 9am and opened gifts there then had a huge breakfast. Home for naps then back for a huge turkey dinner. So good.

Today is Boxing Day here in Canada and Ian's parents came for lunch. It was a good visit and the children were glad to spend time with them before they head down south for the winter.

Late this afternoon Ian and the big kids headed out for some Boxing Day shopping, and I stayed home while the little ones napped.


I watched movies and dozed while enjoying time alone. I deeply love my family but after three straight days of visiting and eating and laughing and talking.... I need some quiet time.

I'm hoping to take the tree down tomorrow. It's lovely, but it's big and the needles are dropping all over the place and I'm ready to get the living room cleaned up and everything put away and back to normal.

How was YOUR Christmas?


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