Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is one of my favourite days of the year. It always has been.

So many precious traditions.

A Christmas Eve service with Ian and the children. Gathering with all the people I love most in this world at my mom's for a delicious dinner filled with laughter.

Afterwards, watching each of the children open one gift. Sitting in front of the fire to listen to them take turns reading The Night Before Christmas.

Then, going home to get the children ready for bed. Tracking Santa on the Norad site. Putting out cookies and milk for Santa. Children too excited so sleep.

Sitting in the darkened living room with my Ian's arms around me, looking at the lights on our beautiful tree. Reflecting on the birth of our Saviour. The beauty of the true meaning for the season.

So much anticipation and hope held in the heart.

Anything is possible.

How do YOU spend your Christmas Eve?



  1. I cried reading your post. What a beautiful and sweet post it is! We will spend the evening eating fish cooked by MIL, then off to Christmas Eve service with my Mommy. Then back here to play the boardgames that they boys will open tonight. Cookies and milk for Santa and waiting for the kids to finally fall asleep. How blessed we are. <3. Merry Christmas Kate. I love you.

  2. This year we are doing something different than ever before. We will be having our own little family Christmas before the craziness of the next couple days. We used to go to a neighbor's Christmas party, but this year things have changed in that relationship so we found ourselves with time to fill. We went to the grocery store and picked up our favorite finger foods, got pizza and donuts, and we will be having a lunch and dinner buffet. Later we'll make hot chocolate and open gifts. There will be more presents at my mom and dad's tomorrow, so this gives my girls some time to play with their new toys before the visiting starts. We'll see how this works. I've never let the kids open gifts this early before!

  3. Anonymous4:43 p.m.

    Sounds beautiful Kate!! Have an awesome time with your family :)