Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas Came Early For Kate

Monday was a very exciting day in my house.

The postman brought me a package sent by my wonderful friend Mama M.


So exciting!

Want to see what's inside?

Oh mah word!

I may or may not have squealed like a little girl.

Sweet M knows and appreciates my M&M addiction and took pity on me when I told her we only had a few flavours here in Canada.

And so she sent me a care package with new flavours to try.



Cinnamon. (what!?)

Mint Chocolate.

Cherry. (two bags!!)

Peanut Butter. (my favourite)

I was in Happy M&M Heaven when I saw all that she'd sent me.

Isn't she AMAZING?

She totally loves me.

And I totally love her.

Currently they are sitting on my kitchen table like this.

Ian and the children are dying to try them.


I have sharing issues.

Thank you again, M. I appreciate your kindness and for enabling my addiction.




  1. who'da thunk that there are cinnamon and cherry m&m's.. that's just crazy! ;-)

    she's a nice one that mama m..


  2. Wow....I'm crying in my vast empty non-M&M land. :( I've seen the coconut and mint (and I LOVE p. butter!!!), but I haven't seen the cinnamon and cherry! You'll have to tell me how they rate. :)

  3. Oh my goodness! How sweet of Mama M!!! I am not an M & M's girl though (I heart Smarties) and those weird flavours sound yucky to me....but ENJOY!

  4. Coconut one are awesome! Have not tried cherry - that sounds so good! Really need to get my passport and go down to the states for a visit!

  5. I'm so happy they finally came! We're you doubting me?! ;) I'll be honest...the cherry one's I had to FORCE myself to buy! I don't like fruit and chocolate and I have to remind myself that some people do!
    The cinnamon ones are yummy, just a *hint* of cinnamon...
    Thanks for the sweet shout're right, I DO love you! And I love putting a smile on someone's face!