Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Day

Today was very exciting at our place - Matthew took his first steps!

I had just arrived home from the office and immediately went to see him in his playpen. Ian said Mattie had the beginnings of a cold so I wanted to check him out and cuddle him for a bit. He was so squirmy so I put him down to walk him around a bit but he let go of my fingers and took a couple of steps toward Ian all by himself.


He's brilliant!!

Of course, as soon as he realized he was going solo he dropped to his knees, laughing. I stood him up again and he took a couple more steps before sitting down. He looked mighty pleased with himself.

I was so afraid that I would miss his first steps while I was at work, but not two minutes after arriving home, he did it. My friend Laura said it was as though he was waiting for me.

Such a sweet, unexpected, blessing tonight.

He's certainly a busy boy when he's just crawling.... but once he gets the hang of this walking thing... look out Mama!



  1. Yay, Matthew!!! What a big boy!!! (And what a GOOD boy, saving your first steps for Mommy to see!) ;-)

  2. So awesome and always so exciting!! Congrats mama!!

  3. Those are the best moments...the unexpected joys of seeing your children growing up (and the subsequent tears)!!