Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Back To School And Stuff

 Today the children returned to school. While I'm sad the summer is over, I'm relieved to fall back into our regular schedule.

We headed out early this morning to take back to school photos on my mother's front porch as per our tradition. The kids also like to see their Gram before heading off as well.

Jordan doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but we dressed her up in her first day of school outfit so she could be a part of the family porch photo.

We couldn't leave Matthew out! 

He didn't know or care what was going on. Look at his face. Ha. 

Both Sam and Julie are pleased with their teachers and they each have friends in their classes. Always a good thing. Sam has assignments due on Friday and did one tonight to get it out of the way. Who is this kid?

Tomorrow Jordan goes to school for a 30 minute orientation. I did her nails for her tonight at her request and she's laid out her dress to wear again tomorrow. She's so excited and so nervous at the same time. I hope she isn't too shy tomorrow. Next week she goes for two mornings only, and then the week after that she goes every morning.

This past weekend was really nice. I did everything I wanted to do. Friday night Sam and I went shopping and out for ice cream. We brought a pizza home for dinner and we all watched a movie together.

Saturday morning Ian had another garage sale and  I met up with my mom at bingo. Neither of us won, although my mom got pretty close a couple of times. Sam has been asking and asking for me to take him to my mom's to visit, so we went over for most of the afternoon. I think Sam enjoys visiting my mom as much as I do!

Saturday night Ian and I went out for dinner. We went to a lovely restaurant not too far from the house and just enjoyed being together. I ordered this three cheese spinach appetizer thing and it was so good. And then I bit into something that was so hot I thought my eyes would fall out. Nothing I ate or drank would make the burning stop. What a nightmare! Ian just laughed at me. After dinner we did the most romantic thing ever - we went to Walmart where I bought some new nail polish and lipstick.

Sunday we went to church and afterwards Ian took Sam, Julie and Jordan shopping for the last few items they needed for school. Matthew and I took a nap.

On Monday we invited the neighbourhood kids over for ice cream to celebrate the end of summer.

A perfect weekend.

Did I mention we bought a second car? Well we did. We bought it from a family in our church and I really like it. I feel more comfortable driving it than I do the van. I can actually park this vehicle! Ian and I have been enjoying taking turns with it over the last few days and it's a very comfortable ride to work.

Ok, I need to wrap this rambling up and get to bed.



  1. I love date night trips to Walmart!! ;)

    1. Me too! We ended up there on our last date too :)

  2. I love it when you post pictures of your kids :) So often I forget you have two older children as well! I hope everyone has a wonderful first week of school!

    1. Thanks Jess!

      I don't often post pics of the big kids because they aren't always comfortable with it. I always ask first and yesterday I got a yes!

  3. I just can NOT believe how much your Sam has grown up this last year! And Julie? When did she become such a lady? Kate, your kiddos are gorgeous...you should totally have more. :)

    1. Thank you! But no way! Four is PLENTY for me!

  4. i love bingo and have not played in years.

    1. I really like it but I never expect to win. If info I'm packing my pjs and heading to MN, the blogging capital of the world!!