Sunday, September 30, 2012

Book Review: My Journey to Heaven

An unforgettable trip to the gates of heaven and back

As Marv Besteman lay in a hospital bed, visions of celestial beauty were the last thing on his mind. He had just had surgery to remove a rare pancreatic tumor. Alone after visiting hours ended, Marv tossed and turned, wanting more than anything else to simply sleep and escape the excruciating pain and misery for a while.

He was about to have an experience he never could have imagined--and could never forget.

In My Journey to Heaven, Marv Besteman shares the true story of his experience of heaven with astounding detail. You'll meet the angels who accompanied him to the gate, overhear his conversation with St. Peter, and feel the joy as he recognizes friends and family members who touched his life.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, or even if you just wonder about what happens after we die, you'll find peace, comfort, and encouragement in Marv's story.

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Do you ever wonder what Heaven will be like? I'm pretty sure everyone has at some point or another, especially those who have lost a loved one.
Occasionally my mind will wander and I'll wonder about it. I'll try to imagine what it would feel like to see Jesus face to face. To hear Him speak my name. To feel Him hold my hand. To see my father again, and my grandmother. My old school friend. My baby.
My Journey to Heaven was written by a man who claimed to have been taken to Heaven for about a half an hour, before it was discovered that he was there by mistake. Right from the get go he lost me as a reader. Still, I continued to read with as open a mind as I could manage.
The author didn't die and go to Heaven for this experience. Rather he was laying in a hospital bed in excruciating pain, dozing on and off, when two angels appeared in his room and took him to Heaven. He talks about what he saw through a glass wall, talking to (and arguing with!) Peter to be let in, and then his subsequent return to earth.
His account of Heaven wasn't anything I had ever read or heard about before. He talks of seeing babies of all ages and stages of formation, just floating around. A long line of people ahead of him waiting to be allowed inside. The colours he saw, the way the angels looked. And then, the revelation that he was there by mistake.
As if God would make that mistake!
Who am I to say that he never saw Heaven? Maybe God did show him a preview. The author is very quick to say that you can believe him or not, he knows his truth.
I found the entire story hard to swallow and took it as an easy read of fiction. I was distracted by the continual digression from the point of the book, cliches and repetition. I didn't enjoy this book at all. The back of the book says the reader will find peace, comfort and encouragement after reading the author's story. I don't feel any of these things. Rather I feel disturbed. It didn't sound like anything I've ever read in the Bible.
I never like to give a negative review, but I have to be honest and say that I will not be recommending this book to anyone.
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  1. Anonymous12:15 p.m.

    He never said it was a mistake. There was a very REAL purpose for God bringing him to heaven and it is clearly explained throughout the book. The purpose was to spread the word that heaven is real. I DID find great comfort in this book, found nothing that contradicted the Word, only that, as the Word tells us, we do not know all He has for us in heaven. The author clearly states that he did not understand some things he saw, but felt urged to share it all. I purchased the dvd to hear him tell this miraculous story.