Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm Still Alive

Lately, I think I may have forgotten I have a blog. Always lots of things going on here and not much time to write about them. Between working and home life there isn't much Kate Time left over. I'm really trying to be more present in the lives of my children to make up for the hours I'm away.

Yesterday Sam and I took a mini road trip to Simcoe for him to visit with some friends of his. It was nice to have that time together and we talked about all sorts of things. He's a very interesting guy.

This morning I just about lost my mind on the way to church. Ever smell something that no one else can? Annoying. Well I could smell something funky and I kept sniffing my shirt to make sure it wasn't me. Turns out the right shoulder of my shirt was the culprit. I have no idea what was going on there because it was a clean shirt from my drawer. It distracted me all through the sermon because I kept sniffing my shoulder to see if the smell had gone away. It hadn't. So weird.

I got my hair done this weekend. Had the colour touched up and a little trim. She straightened it for a change and I felt pretty smokin'.

My friend Cindy had her baby on Friday. He looks so cute in his pictures and I can't wait to smell his little baby head.

Julie starts dance this week. I wish I could go with her because one of my dreams is to be a hip hop dancer but apparently I'm not invited. Well then.

Matthew had his check up this past week and is 26 lbs 15 oz of sheer perfection. He didn't like his shots at all. Well now that's an obvious thing to say, isn't it. I've yet to meet someone who loves getting shots.

There's some porn star that's started a blog called Katee Life and I've been getting tons of hits from people looking for her. I'm sure they're very disappointed to land on the blog of a Christian mommy blogger.

This is a pretty lame drive by post, but my mind is all over the place right now and my stomach is hurting so I'm going to sign off for tonight.



  1. hahahahaha!!! How did you ever discover that?! Katee Life...are you sure you REALLY work at a collections agency?
    Suuuuuure, you do. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness too funny about the porn star!! Maybe some lost people will see Jesus here...:) It could be a ministry you never knew you would have! :) Have a wonderful week friend!!

  3. Ohhh! I'm laughing at the right shoulder smelling and the porn star hits. Too, too funny.

  4. Ohhh... I can't stop laughing at the right shoulder smelling & the porn star hits. Too, too funny!