Friday, April 19, 2013

Catching Up

Oh my poor neglected little blog.

Gone are the days when I could blog about life every other day or so. Nowadays, there is so much happening all at once and I just never seem to make it here.

I'll do a quick drive by post.

Work is very busy and I think I've been handling this manager gig fairly well. I have a very heavy workload and the week goes by so quickly. I'm often still at the office at 6 or 6:30 at night which doesn't leave me much time with the children when I get home. I'm missing them, and they're missing me. 

Tomorrow Ian and I will celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. We have weathered many storms together but we just keep getting stronger. So much love.

My course that I've been taking at my church since September ends next month. So many thoughts to share about this journey. Another day...

My sweet blog friends have been loving on me for a couple of months and last week just blew my mind and warmed my heart. THAT is definitely a blog post all on it's own. COMING SOON!

My sidebar pictures need to be updated.

I am so in love with my Ian.

Sam has been asked by the school to design a logo for t-shirts for the special education classes. He's very talented and I know he'll come up with something amazing. He's longing for school to end for the summer.

Julie reached a goal of hers this week and we're so proud of her. She is being noticed by the boys a lot lately. Not sure how I feel about that. Heck yeah I do... I don't like it!

Jordan is slaying us with her humour. She is working so hard to speak more clearly but some words she says just get me. She calls popcorn "pock-porn". She and I had some Mommy/Jordan time this week - a solo trip to the grocery store, and she told me three times how much she loved being with me. Afterwards we took Mattie to the park. She's been telling me every day how much she misses me while I'm at work. Oh my heart.

Matthew is a chatter. Sweet mercy. He doesn't make sense, but must be a never ending story because he's forever chattering away. He has inflections and raises his eyebrows while he talks, and it sounds as though he's asking questions. When I leave for the day he lifts his face for my kiss, and at the end of the day he comes running to give me a hug, and just melts into me, letting me cuddle him.

I have recently been introduced to SnapChat and I am addicted to sending pictures of stupid and random things to my friends.

I wish my cat wouldn't flick the litter all over the place when he does his business. So messy.

I'm on a mission to find an orange purse.

I'm going to try to blog more. I have a lot of things I want to talk about and I miss having this outlet.

But for now, I'm going to bed.



  1. Happy Anniversary tomorrow!! We have 17 years in June! :) Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend friend!

  2. All that sounds very positive! I've missed you, too :)

  3. How wonderful- Happy Anniversary! :-)
    I've been neglecting my blog, too, that's ok though. :)

  4. Blogs seem to go through seasons of neglect. The best thing about them, is that they are always here when you get back - and so are those who are willing to stand by you!