Sunday, April 21, 2013


Today was one of those days I wanted to get out of the house and do something together as a family. It wasn't warm enough to go to the park, so we all headed off to Square One to poke around. My search for The Perfect Orange Purse continues, and I was hopeful I'd find it there.
Our first stop was here:

I don't know what it is about this store but it makes me cry every.single.time I go there. I just get so caught up in the magic of everything and it makes me want to buy all the things.
Like THIS!!

Ahh! Isn't it adorable?!?
It's absolutely huge, like two cups of tea in one! So far tonight I've had two cups, which is really like four cups... so I'm not even a little bit tired right now.
Oops. I'll probably fall asleep sometime around 3am and then want to beat myself up when my alarm goes off at 6am.
Eventually Sam took off for a bit on his own, and we decided to let Julie go off on her own for the first time. She had her cell phone with her and I gave her a million things to be careful of, and off she went.
Ian went off on his own for a bit and it was just the Littles and me. Not the family afternoon I was hoping for!
Jordan started griping about how her feet hurt and she wanted me to carry her. (um..what?!) So, I stuffed both of them into the stroller.
Not the most comfortable fit, but it worked. Although she wouldn't stop tickling Matthew, and he wouldn't stop pulling Jordan's hair. I could move through the mall so much quicker this way. I don't think Ian was all that impressed that I had a stroller stuffed with children ;-)
Sadly, I left the mall orange purse-less. The hunt continues.
We did some grocery shopping and when we got home I hung outside with the Littles for a bit. Matthew had endless fun running up and down the driveway, until he tripped and fell and the party was over. Jordan chalked up the driveway until SHE fell and we packed up and headed inside before I ended up falling as well ;-)
And now the Sunday evening blues are settling in.
I'm off to fold my laundry that I left to the last minute!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful week Kate!! :) I am off to bed (finally) myself! :)

  2. an orange purse?! I love the thought! hope you find it!

  3. I am SO glad to know I'm not the only one that has the Sunday Evening Blues! They are the worst!
    Also, I thought of you yesterday (I think) when I was searching and there was an orange purse!
    But instead of sharing it with you, I just moved on to see what I could get.
    I'm selfish like that.