Monday, April 22, 2013


Whoa nelly, today went by much too fast. One minute it was 10:00, then next it was 12:30, then 3:00. I didn't accomplish a fraction of the things I'd hoped to. Seems my inbox gets fuller and my to-do list gets longer. I'm trying to find another temp to replace the one that is leaving at the end of the week and so far it's a slow process. I've seen so many different people come through our's hard to find what we're looking for.

I didn't work as late tonight as I usually do, because last night Jordan asked me to promise her that I would leave on time today so I could take her to the park. She's such a sweetheart, but oh... the mama guilt. I'm struggling with balancing everything and I'm not doing a great job at it. I did make it home in time to take her and Mattie to the park for a bit, then just as the sun started setting we headed home so they could do some sidewalk chalking with Julie.

I feel very restless these days. Not sure if it's a sign that change is coming, or that I'm anxious for Spring or what, but it's getting super annoying. Tommorrow night I'm meeting up with a couple of friends for coffee and I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe that will help me snap out of whatever this restless feeling is all about.

My personal goal for this week is to figure out how to turn on our new tv that Ian gave me for my birthday in January. It's lovely but I can't figure out how to turn on and get the right inputs going so that it works... then I can't find my shows because I haven't watched tv in over a year and I have no idea what shows are on which nights, and what time they're on at. I used to know all my shows and what channel they were on back when we used Rogers Cable, but since we switched to Bell I can't find anything. I feel like an idiot. I like that I'm not bound to the tv anymore, but lately I find myself missing all the crazy nonsense on TLC.

Alright. My tea is over, and i've come to the end of my ramblings for tonight. 6 am will be here before I know it.

Sleep well friends.



  1. Dang, those kids really know how to make us feel guilty, don't they? Wanna know something funny? Since we've gotten rid of TV, TLC is one of the channels I miss the most!

  2. FUNNY! For the first time EVER in our married life, we have good cable. I feel so ignorant trying to navigate the channels. BUT, I do know that TLC is 66. That's about it, though. :)