Sunday, April 13, 2008

Settling In

Well Miss Jordan is now 2 weeks old and we are still completely in love with her. She is a very good sleeper. Ian stays up with her at night and puts her down at 12:30am. She'll wake up around 4:30 for a diaper change, bottle and a cuddle and go back to sleep by 5am, then will wake any time between 8-10am. She LOVES to be held and we are always happy to oblige her.

Today she had several "wakeful" periods where she just stares up at me. She gave me two huge gorgeous smiles this afternoon and has a dimple! I know, I know... it's gas...but still... she just looked so happy!

Friday I took Jordan in to Ian's office for him to show her around. Everyone said she was beautiful and fussed over her. Afterwards, I went to visit my friend Jen. We intended to only be there for tea but stayed for lunch and then Jen took some pictures of Jordan. (Especially her feet. I love baby feet) After that we went to the mall and then to visit my mother, picked up the children after school, went to pick up Ian and then went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Busy day! Jordan was absolutely pooped.

My poor little Julie has some sort of bug. She came home from school on Thursday night with a fever and feeling sick. She crashed on the couch practically as soon as she got home. Friday she felt well enough to go to school but come Saturday was feeling sick again so she stayed in the house with Jordan and me. I kept her home from church today as well just to make sure she was rested for school tomorrow. I hate when the children are sick. They are so small.

Sam should be on cloud 9 right about now. Ian took him out this afternoon to get a new Nintendo DS since his old one died this morning. I know nothing about these game systems except that they are important to the children. Yesterday he and Ian went to Laser Quest and played a couple of games and Sam is now a member. He loved it!

That's about all the time I have to blog for now.

Until next time...

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  1. It wasn't gas, I'm sure of it!

    I hope Julie is feeling better and that Sam loves his new DS!