Sunday, April 27, 2008

Success is MINE!

I finished painting the upstairs hallway today. All I have left to do is to paint the baseboards, window ledge and door frames but I want to wipe/wash them first. I can now scratch that off my To Do list. I'm frustrated at myself that it took me so long to paint - we've been in this house for almost 10 years and have never painted that area. It looks so fresh and clean. I should have done it years ago. We deserve to enjoy our living space. We've never painted our bedroom either. I don't know when I will find time to work on that room.

I was almost finished when Ian and the kids came home. He wanted to run me one of his amazing bubble baths for me to relax in and I was so tempted to take him up on it but the fact that I hadn't completed this job was niggling at me. I wanted to finish it TODAY and I DID! I feel proud of myself and ready to take on the next item on my list.

My kitchen still rocks and my appliances are still sparkly. Tonight Sam scrubbed crayon off the cabinets in the kitchen (yes, I know... crayon on the cabinets.. how the heck did that happen...?) and swept the floor. Julie put leftovers away into the fridge and helped me while I finished my painting project. They were freaking me out asking what else they could do.

HELLO! Did Ian bring the right children home with him from his parents' place???

I'm feeling pretty good about myself today. This was a great weekend. Family time, time alone with Ian, a visit with my mom, church this morning & seeing friends, a nap, a clean kitchen and one project completed. Good stuff.

I don't know what's gotten into me but I like it.


  1. I am so proud of you!!!

  2. Anonymous3:53 p.m.

    I know what's gotten into you....