Sunday, October 04, 2009

Get Away From My Baby, Kid!

If I were to come out and say half of the comments that are floating around in my head at any given moment, I'd have black eyes all the time.

So, I keep my evil thoughts inside and outwardly smile and stay silent.

But today I really wanted to shout "Get away from my baby, freaky kid!"

There is this little boy who looks to be about three years old that has taken a dislike to Jordan for some reason. It started with these looks he'd give her. His eyes would get all squinty and he just glare at her.

Two weeks ago he started looking at me and saying "Your baby is a bad baby! She's a bad girl!" in this voice that sounds like little Danny from The Shining.

Think redrum...REDRUM!!

Yeah, like that.

I'm not going to lie. It kind of creeps me out. Why is he saying that about my daughter?

Fast forward to today when he corners Jordan and starts punching her in her stomach and face.


Sam was with her and he was trying to shield her with one hand and hold him off with the other. I see what's happening and run over to say "No no, sweetheart, please don't hit her, she's just a baby!"

To which he gives me his line "She's a bad baby! She's a BAAAAD BABY!"

I don't know what to do about it, if anything. His mother is a friend of mine and I don't want to create an uncomfortable situation. I despise confrontation.

If anyone has any thoughts on if or how to handle this, lay it on me. And in return you will have my gratitude.



  1. Wow, well if she is a friend of yours then I would definately bring it up to her. You can do it in a nice "curious" way. I would mention that Freaky Kid has been saying on several occasions that Jordan's a bad baby and you were just wondering if she knew why he might be feeling that way. I would also mention that he hit her too and said the same thing and you're just not sure why he feels so negative towards it her in general or does Freaky Kid just not really deal well with babies?... you can "inquire" without making her feel like her kid walked out of the movie "The Shining" LOL Good Luck! That really stinks...and I don't blame you for wanting to flatten him!

  2. HUGS

    You have to talk to your friend and let her know that what he is doing is making you feel uncomfortable.

    If it was my child (not that it would because mine are perfect, y'know...), I would want you to tell me. Children need to be taught that hitting is wrong!

  3. Oh Kate your too funny! Even though i don't have any suggestions to this.(me personally i would keep my little one away so that don't have to pull someone's ear without someone watching JK JK) but pray about it what always works :)

    Been reading your post and they are soo entertaining lol.. God Bless

  4. HAHA! Ok, the first sentence reminds me of myself. I would have TONS of black eyes. I'm still working on my "gentleness" with my words. I'm afraid I always will be. ;)

    Did you have a good weekend kate?


  5. Anonymous11:20 a.m.

    You have to add me back on your blog and help keep me accountable...I really do need to blog...but just be prepared because the things are not always going to be light hearted. I have a lot within :)

    Love ya!