Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday Stuff

I have no idea how I've lived this long and just discovered The Muppets.

It's true.

Oh, I knew some of them, and I knew the show existed, but I never truly watched it.


Last night was Family Night, so Ian picked up a pizza from Dominoes (a thousand kinds of YUM) on his way home and we all watched a few episodes of The Muppets together.

We've continued to watch them this evening while drinking hot chocolate in our pjs.

As I write this, Miss Piggy is singing as Christopher Reeve plays the piano.


Such sweet entertainment.

Today we all headed out to McD's and the mall for a bit. Julie wanted a new backpack for school. I had bought her a messenger bag for the new school year at her request, and even showed her how it would pull on her neck and cause her all kinds of neck and back pain until she was 100, but she really, really wanted it.

You know, because everyone at school would have a messenger bag.

Somehow I thought I had at least another 4-5 years before my children would look at me like I was to old to possibly know anything. Clearly I was wrong.

The first backpack she found was really nice and had a cool pattern on it. I checked the price tag and it was $74.99.




She found a really nice black and pink one that she can either wear or pull along behind her. Interestingly enough, everyone at school has these drag-along-behind-you backpacks.


I had a lovely nap this afternoon and it was heavenly.

Jordan and I headed out to do the grocery shopping this evening and do you know what we saw?

Oh, I bet you can guess.

A PPW. You know, a Public Pj Wearer. A male one. And he looked like he was 60-something so you know he should know better.

I don't get it. I don't think I ever will.

I didn't enjoy my shopping trip today. I always take the same route through the store, every single time. I do not stray from the plan. I know where everything I need is and I don't forget anything.

No so today.

The store I shop at has been bought out by a company in Quebec ( don't get me started on Quebec, Self ) and they are under construction. Nothing was where it is supposed to be. I was all frazzled and I forgot three things.

When I reached into the dairy case to grab a bag of milk, I felt a hand. A HAND! And then I screamed.

Oh yes I did.

Turns out they were stocking up the milk and thought it would be "funny" to grab the Hot Mom on the other side. (Ok, the "Hot Mom" part is creative licence. My blog, my rules)

And the sweet cashier bagged my groceries for me and put cans on my strawberries. *Sob*

I'm so excited that next weekend is Thanksgiving and we're going to my mom's for dinner on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it. After Christmas and Easter, Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. Ohhh I love me some turkey.

Well, I'm off to watch the rest of "How The Lottery Changed My Life". The first woman featured won $112 million bucks. How, you ask? Well, she simply wrote that number down on a piece of paper, meditated on it and put it under her pillow and slept on it for a few weeks. Then, presto! She won.

I'll let you know how it works out for me. ;-)



  1. Hey Kate! You've got an award at my blog!!

  2. Funny stuff! I'm enjoying reading all your old entries.

  3. Funny stuff! I'm enjoying reading all your old entries.