Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grow Baby GROW!

Today I took Jordan to the doctor for her 18 19 month check up and vaccinations.

I was more than a little nervous when I saw the looks of the waiting room - half of the people waiting were wearing masks and coughing. We weren't even there five minutes before someone coughed on me.


I asked the woman who checked us in if they had seen many cases of H1N1 there and she nodded, then suggested that we sit in the inner room. So we did, like two snobs.


Jordan now weighs 26 lbs and is 31 inches tall and is in the 70th percentile. I never know what that means.

Well, actually I do. It means she's BRILLIANT.

After she got the two needles she started babbling and pointing at Dr L rather crossly. Man, that little lady sure can give someone the what-for.

He asked me if she was talking yet, and I told him she says "hi", "Mum Ma", "Mum", "Dada", "ass" and is trying to say "I love you".

Yes. My 19 month old can say "ass". Don't look at me. Surely *I* didn't teach her that word.

He said she is developing perfectly and I have nothing to worry about.

But if you know me - really know me - then you know I am always worrying about something. I don't think she weighs enough.

Well I don't.

Then we talked H1N1. I had made the decision that my children would not be receiving the H1N1 vaccine. Well, until I spoke to Dr L, that is. We spoke about it at great length, actually. Sometimes he rushes me out of there, but today he was in a very relaxed mood and answered all sorts of questions for me. He said he had diagnosed 5 cases of H1N1 this morning and almost 20 cases yesterday. I asked him if I should have my children get the vaccine and he told me about a 13 year old who died from it yesterday. I'll talk it over with Ian and see how he feels.

Have you gotten the H1N1 vaccination? Will you let me know why or why not?



  1. Cooties!! EEck!! I have not gotten the H1N1..

    I don't know how to feel about it..

  2. Neither me or Isabelle have gotten it and I am still on the fence about it. I know that isn't very helpful for you though =-)

    Isabelle's ped office has a separate door and wing of the building for well baby checkups. I love it! You should move here =-)

  3. I am going to have my children vaccinated for H1N1. We don't normally do flu shots in general, and my kids tend to be healthy, but we are in a period right now where, due to my husband's job changes, we do not have health insurance. Our school system is going to provide the vaccines at no cost, and while I am a little wary of the injection, I am more wary of a serious illness right now. Obviously, no mom wants a sick child, and they certainly don't want three of them. With no health care coverage, a medical crisis would devastate us financially. I can't afford to turn down the free shots.

  4. We haven't gotten the shot here yet. Actually C hasn't even gotten his reg flu shot, he's got an appointment for that next week. None of the offices around here have it available yet, so I am going to talk to our pedi about it when we go next week. I'm on the fence. I wish I had a decision about it.

  5. Anonymous12:06 a.m.

    Dr. L tried to talk me into the vaccine too....I'm still on the fence and stressing about it. :o(

    He's looking mighty hot these days, no?

  6. I'm still on the fence, but am leaning more towards getting it for Sarah and Marcus.

  7. I am not going to get it. I always get the flu when I get flu shots... and I just don't have time for it. I'd rather just wear a mask and wash my hands a billion times.

  8. Cooties!! EEck!! I have not gotten the H1N1..

    I don't know how to feel about it..