Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pooped With A Capital P

I was on the go all day today.

7:10 ~ Jordan woke up and Ian brought her into bed with us to cuddle (read: so we didn't have to get up quite yet) She and I continued to cuddle and I suffered through an episode of Caillou while Ian got ready for work.

7:45 ~ Prepared breakfast for the children and packed their lunches and Jordan's bag for the day

8:36 ~ Out the door - behind schedule as usual

8:45 ~ Dropped the children off at school right on time

9:10 ~ Dropped Ian off at work

9:39 ~ Arrived at my bible study, late as usual. Great conversation and fellowship with wonderful women.

11:40 ~ Jordan and I headed out to my old job placement to visit my friends there. Lots of hugs and laughs. I miss them. My whole life I've struggled with thinking the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Not now, my friends. Right now I've got the greenest grass around. I made the right decision to stay at home. I'm so content and happy...right down to my bones.

1:15 ~ Headed to Ian's office to bring him a snack and see my old boss/his new boss. Jordan and I hung out for a short bit before leaving to be at my mom's in time to receive the children from school

3:00 ~ Arrived at my mom's to learn that she FELL today. She has a scrape on her face and hand and her body is very sore. Tried not to worry about her.

3:20 ~ The children arrive from school

4:45 ~ Went down to Mom's basement to go through some boxes of mine to try to find my cake decorating stuff because I am inspired to decorate something great. Can't find it. Sit down and cry. Tried to pretend it was because I couldn't find it, but really it's because I worry so much about my mom.

5:15 ~ Pack up the children and head over to Ian's office.

6:00 ~ Head to the Real Canadian Superstore because Ian needs something there

6:30 ~ Went to Walmart, which I am now completely, totally, all encompassingly in love with because it's been Americanized and I lurve it. Do you know what they have? Wait for it... in the frozen section, all the frozen cases are dark. Until you walk past, then a light goes on. Motion sensor lighting at my Walmart. Awesome.

7:30 ~ Arrive home, change Jordan and put her in her pjs. Each time I slip her arm through a sleeve, I kiss the palm of her hand. I forgot tonight and she stood there with both of her palms pointed towards me, waiting for kisses. I adore her. Later in the evening I said to her "I love you!" and she replied "I vloo.." BRILLIANT. Seriously. She's brilliant. And I know that you know who she gets her brilliance from. That's right, her father.

It is now 10:25 and I am going to put on my own pjs and go to bed. I feel like I'm getting a cold and I'm just not interested in that at all.

So, in the words of my friend Keely...

Lata Skata's!



  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a loooong day. Praying for some peace for you with the situation with your mom. Hope things get resolved soon.

    On a lighter note I HAD to laugh at your excitement about the motion sensors in the Wal-Mart. Now I am wondering if you were telling Keely the truth about stamps and cable =-)

  2. Oh, my word...Kate that brought tears to my eyes!! I vloo! Man alive, couldn't just eat those babe's up?
    Love the WalMart bit!! When a Super WalMart came to our town, I thought the freezer lights were broken! I was all "white trash WalMart!! Even the new lights are broken...they keep going on and off!!" Dumb ol' blonde me...

  3. Anonymous9:37 a.m.

    Well aren't you just a busy little beaver!

    Sorry your Mom fell, but it sounds like you had a day otherwise!

  4. Praying for you, my friend! Try to enjoy a much slower/less stressful day today. I hope your mom is doing well after her fall.

    I think it's great that you kiss your daughter as you're dressing her for bed. My Laneybug and I enjoy the same "getting ready for bed" ritual. Smiles to you:)

  5. Hey, I gave you an award!

  6. That is SOME day. You are amazing girl!