Saturday, July 03, 2010

Book Review ~ His Princess: Girl Talk With God

You're the daughter of the King!

Like a loving father, God holds you in the palm of His hand. He loves you no matter what you wear, what you say, what you've done, or how you feel. And He wants you to live a wonderful life.

In His Princess Girl Talk with God, Sheri Rose Shepherd helps you experience God's unending love for you through forty devotions. Sheri remembers what it was like to be a teen girl, and she connects your experiences with God's love. Through these stories, love letters from God, Scriptures, and prayers, you'll feel just how much God treasures you--His Princess.

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I was really excited to review this book, with the intent to pass it along to Julie to add to her bookshelf.

This book is comprised of 40 devotions, each with a personal story from the author's life, a letter from God and a Bible verse.

At first I really enjoyed this book. I thought the love letters from God were sweet, and a few of them really pulled at my heart. It's amazing how at times my love for the Lord can be so child-like. What it's supposed to be, right?

But then I started to count how many times the author referred to her life when she was overweight and how she wasn't liked, but when she lost the weight she was popular. She talked often about beauty and her history with beauty pageants, and how outward beauty didn't matter, yet I felt these frequent parallels to be conflicting. Young girls are impressionable, and I felt that she placed too much emphasis on outward beauty, perhaps unintentionally.

There were a few points in this book that I disagreed with, and felt so strongly about them that I will not be giving this book to Julie after all. It's a little old for her, and a couple things go against what I have been - and will someday be - teaching her.

One little nitpicky thing... I had folded the corners of a couple of the pages that stirred me, and when I was about two thirds into the book, I noticed that one of the letter's from God were duplicated.

Also, as sweet as referring to the "Lord as Your Daddy in Heaven" was at first, the constant references to him as daddy got a bit tiresome. The book is geared towards young women, and I found the daddy reference to be a bit young for that age group. using Father would have a better impact, in my opinion.

Overall, while there is some good content in this book, it isn't one that I will be recommending to anyone.

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