Saturday, July 03, 2010

Things Kids Do That I Don't Understand ~ Take Two

One of the many things Sam likes to do is to make his own lunch.

Being that I am often busy with a gazillion things at once, I am grateful that he is willing to do this for himself.

Usually he chooses to eat a peanut butter sandwich. I appreciate his choice because you can't set fire to the kitchen if all you're doing is slapping some PB on a slice of bread.

I guess he decided to kick things up a notch because this is what he made one day last week:

Now, I love me some M&Ms and I love me some peanut butter, but never together.

Again I say...never.

We went to the African Lion Safari yesterday and rather than buy lunch there, I packed some of Sam's beloved peanut butter and a loaf of bread, along with some snacks.

Apparently my straight PB sandwich was considerably lacking because this is what Sam did to make it "better":

I don't know how he ate that, but he did.

I ate my PB sandwich, had a few chips and maybe even a bit of popcorn as well. So really, what was in his belly was also in mine. But it all didn't arrive the same way, thankyouverymuch.

I go back and forth between appreciation for his creativity and being completely grossed out.

Do your kids do this or does mine have the corner market on this type of thing?



  1. Wyatt will put just about anything on a sandwich too. I love peanut butter sandwichers with chips.pretzels on them. Sam and I would get along just fine! :)

  2. My kids? No. I raised them better than that. My husband? Yes. His raising wasn't so good.

  3. Oh, I LOVE me some potato chips on my peanut butter. No lie. You let Sam rock it, and every once in a while, take a bite. I'm trying to remember to set the example to my kids of trying new things, so that they are willing to try my crazy ideas like eating a vegetable! :-)

  4. He's a culinary genius!! Wow...I think he's brilliant.

    I'm gonna try it for lunch today. Maybe.

    Okay, maybe not...but still! Brilliant.

  5. I have to say- his sandwich looks good to me! :-)
    I have put potato chips in cold-cut meat sandwiches before, to give it some crunch.
    Also, I have been known to eat pb and mayonaise.
    Now my mom, she has eaten peanut butter and.....
    wait for it....
    ....ONIONS! That is gross!
    Also, my great-aunt, my mom, and myself think that having chips while eating ice cream is a good thing. You should try is some time- a little sweet, then some chips with salt! Yum!

  6. My sister used to eat (and still loves) peanut butter & pickle sandwiches. We thought about serving them at her baby shower when she was expecting, but didn't want to scare the guests.

  7. I would consider it miraculous if I could just get my kids to eat peanut butter! Cute little foodie weirdos! :)
    My mom, however, is the queen of gourmet peanut butter sandwich grossness...pb and lettuce, pb and pickles...
    I'm thinking it would be a great writing assignment to have him start a peanut butter sandwich blog! :)

  8. I put chips on PB & Jelly. Can we still be friends?

    In order to get my son to eat raw fruits and veggies we let him dip. This has included Broccoli in milk, banana in ketchup, and apple in tartar sauce. All gross in my book but the food got in his belly.

  9. Baha! Hilarious! He's very creative! And, I eat chips on my sandwiches, too! Not peanut butter sandwiches though. :)