Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting A Head Start On My Christmas List

Ian and Sam are huge gamers.


Me...not so much.

Ian has tried to teach me how to play those shooting games, but I can't seem to get my character game guy facing in the right direction, and he's always either staring up into the sky or on the ground. I get so frustrated and announce that my controller is broken.

It couldn't possibly be me and my lack of gaming skills.

Don't be silly.

However... there are two kinds of games I enjoy. Racing games, and boxing games.

Get a look at this one, Gran Turismo 5 from Playstation...

Oh yes...Mama wants that one. It releases on November 5th.

I can't wait.

Nor can I wait for this one, The Fight: Lights Out...

This one releases in October.

I go absolutely crazy when I box with the Wii. There was this one time when I was going on crazy boxing with my character when suddenly it took on the face of someone who will remain nameless. Ian was holding on the the back of my jeans so I wouldn't punch his precious 52" flat screen tv. I am no longer allowed to box without spousal supervision.

I can only imagine the damage and mayhem I will cause when I get my hands on this game.

{evil laugh}

I'll have to start leaving really clear hints the closer it gets to Christmas.

Which happens to be in 163 days.

Just sayin.



  1. Ha! That's great! I enjoy a good racing game myself, and I always find a way to beat my hubby in all our sports games. My son loves a good game but being only 8 has a few years to go before he masters me (I hope a few years anyway) and my daughter, is starting to get the bug as well. Yep, we're gamers :)

  2. Kate, I absolutely adore you! I love to box on the Wii! When I was a million months pregnant with Jack I boxed so hard trying to send myself into labor that I couldn't shampoo my hair for 3 days I was so sore! My hubby came home from work to find me, blimpishly fat, sweating and trying to beat the daylights out of a TV. I love that you love Wii boxing - I will SO take you down when you come to Tennessee. It's. On. AND I was sooooo good at the old PS GT games... the new ones are too much tech stuff for me. I've got zero patience for those shooter games... I loved to watch my hubs play Halo, but I'm like you - I needed my eyes and feet and gun all controlled by the same thingy because that's too much for me to coordinate in addition to my own breathing/blinking/swallowing reflexes. Yikes. I needed a laugh, Kate - I visited your blog because I needed to be uplifted, and you did - I can go to bed with a smile, thank you!

  3. You win. This is officially the first "planning for Christmas" post I have seen this year ;)