Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Few Rambly Things

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!!

This week is passing by in a blur and I can't believe it's already Thursday night. Ian was home today so we had a nice and slow day, just hanging out together. The children have been enjoying their first day of summer vacation and have been playing outside for hours.

I have been making cake balls today and will be coating them in chocolate shortly. I'm sending a dozen over to Julie's friend's house as a thank you for having her over so often, and a dozen for my nephew for his great report card.

Speaking of Julie, last week she tried to sneak a frog into the house to keep overnight. I can tolerate hamsters and guinea pigs, and maybe even a bird or two, but I draw the line at frogs. Turns out that very frog already spent the night and day at Casa Kate, tucked into Julie's bottom dresser drawer. Grody. Apparently the neighbourhood bully convinced her to keep it for the next two weeks. way, so Julie, the frog and I went to this girl's house to speak to her mother. Turns out it's her foster mother and I heard all about how difficult this child has been. I felt sad when I left. Ian released the frog into the creek.

I continue to be exhausted and went back to my doctor yesterday. It was a frustrating appointment but I left with what I wanted: a referral to a gynecologist, a requisition for blood work and an ultrasound, and a new prescription. I tried so hard to stay on track to get what I wanted while he spoke to me condescendingly, rudely and at times, with frustration. We don't seem to click and I am no longer confident in his medical care for me. I'm tired of his "let's wait and see" attitude. This issue is affecting the quality of my life and I'm beginning to get depressed. I can't afford to let that happen.

This week I decided to try introducing potty training to Jordan again. I bought a large bag of M&Ms which she loves (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) and worked out a system. She gets one M&M just for sitting on the potty. She loves that part. Monday morning started out rough as she piddled on my favourite chair AND my couch. But after her nap I asked her if she wanted to go and she said yes. I gave her an M&M and while she was eating it I asked her if she wanted to make pee pee in the potty for me (I have no idea what to say as I'm out of practice) and she shrugged and said "yeah". And she DID IT! I was so excited I just about spilled the entire bag of M&Ms all over the bathroom floor! The first day and we had results. I high fived her and cheered for her at the top of my lungs. She was so proud of herself. Here we are on Thursday and she cries to get off the potty as soon as she's eaten her participation M&M.

I am SO excited for tomorrow. We're taking the children to the African Lion Safari and we're going to drive through the reserve. I can't wait!! Giraffes and lions and monkeys wander up to cars so we'll get an up close look at them. Apparently the monkeys are rather destructive so we'll need to take our windshield wipers off and put the antenna down.

Have you heard of the group Selah? I love them. I recently heard their song Unredeemed and it is so beautiful. I can't help but cry when I hear it. I could just play it over and over and over.

The children and I love to watch Wipeout and I'm always saying how I'd love to see Ian on the show. He's very competitive and I think he'd more than likely win. WELL! Imagine my excitement when I found out that there will be a Wipeout Canada and today was the cutoff for applications! I told Ian about it and he was all over it and submitted his application. How exciting would it be to see him on that show?? I don't know if I could handle the excitement.

Speaking of Ian, he's home now and brought pizza with him. No cooking tonight! Have a great evening, friends!



  1. Hope the kids are having a good summer! Oh and I love Selah!

  2. sounds like a great week so far (well other than the doc..) The thing you have planned for tomorrow sounds right up my ally.. how awesome! I hope yall have a blast and be sure to snap some pics for me.

    E is losing interest in the potty as well.. so frustrating isnt it? maybe you should try and trade the participation m and m for the success two m and m's!?

  3. Sounds like you had a full day!
    I'll be praying that you get the answers you need medically speaking. Sometimes it is hard dealing with doctors. Just remember that you are your body's best advocate and you know when something is wrong! It can be so frustrating when the dr's just say "let's wait and see."
    That is great that Jordan went on the potty! My son has only gone once so far and I think that was an accident, like he just sat on there and didn't really intend to pee, it just came out. :)
    I'll have to listen to Selah sometime, I first heard about them when I started reading Angie's blog.
    Having pizza for dinner is always exciting, isn't!? I love it when I don't have to cook. :)

  4. No cooking dinner? Yes please! Yuck about the frog, but I'd take that over the (no lie) FLYING SQUIRREL my cat brought in last night.

    Your plans for tomorrow sound amazing! That is something Collin would LOVE! I hope you have a fantastic day!

    Boo to not feeling great about your doctor, but at least you've got the referrals you need for now. I will keep my fingers crossed you get some answers!

  5. I bet the kids are so excited to be done with school! The safari thing sounds SO cool, I wish we had something like that here.

    I hope you get all your doctor stuff worked out, that is so frustrating! Maybe the GYN will be able to help more.

    I think I decided that I am going to potty train B by letting him pee off the don't think that would cause problems in the future do you!? :)

    That would be SO cool if Ian got on that show, how completely awesome would that be!

    Oh yeah, and if you have any extra cake balls you know where I live. ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Canada Day!!

  6. Happy Canada Day...Oh Canada..our home and native land....

    So...what do you have against frogs?? there a problem with them living in your daughters drawer?? ;) Funny that I read this right after my "got frog?" post! ha ha

    I hear ya on the doctor thing. I've actually been dealing with sort of the same issue lately and trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Doctor's either want to sweep things under the rug or just prescribe a drug. It's so frustrating!! Hope you can find some anwers with the GYN!!

  7. p.s...just listened to the Selah song. I hadn't heard that one! I'm going to download it NOW. Just beautiful. Powerful!!

  8. That would be so cool to see Ian on Wipeout! I'm guessing it would be shown here in the states, right? We all love that show, but missed it... I forgot it was on!

    You guys have a wonderful time at the African Safari! They have one close to us and I keep telling Sean that we need to go.

    Have a great day, Kate!!

  9. We're potty training too! I'm committed to being potty trained by the time C. is 3. I have exactly 1 month and 12 days. We broke down and purchased a big bag of M&m's only to have them disappear by two little men who snuck (for lack of a better word) into the basement and ate the entire bag. So...we went back to WalMart and picked up a bag of plain jane regular m&m's which are now under lock and key. One M for peeps and 3 m's for a deuce.

    Good luck with the Dr. I felt the same way about 18 months ago, and really got angry and snotty with my Dr. calling her on the rug. Then I switched Dr's a few times and my Ob really wasn't much help...her response to my "issues" was to put me back on the pill- which was the LAST thing I wanted to do. I finally found a wellness Dr. that I pay completely privately for, but he had more knowledge and more compassion than all 5 of the Dr's I went to - put together. It's so nice to have a Dr. that wants to treat the CAUSE of the problem, and not just manage symptoms with countless prescription meds. I'll be praying for you!

  10. Happy Canada husband and I are doing a road trip through Canada the first week of August for our vacation this year....neither of us has been, so if you have suggestions for "must-see" or "must-do" that are awesome, I'd really appreciate it!! We're spending time in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, and Niagra Falls (gotta have something super touristy there!!)

  11. Kate - I have been to African Lion Safari. It is cool but the monkeys did not come on our car at all :( The jumped off the car in front of us and would walk around to the one behind us. I did smack a giraffe on the nose - it stuck it's head in the car window (it was in the "safe" area. Your kids are going to love it!