Friday, August 27, 2010

Home From The Cottage

I need to win the lottery so I can buy a cottage.


Mom originally invited us to come from Friday to Monday, but then on Sunday asked if we would like to stay until Wednesday.


Unfortunately, Ian had to return to work for Tuesday morning, and we had our zoo of pets at home to think about. So he went home on Monday and made the 2-hour drive back on Wednesday night - after a full day of work - to pick us up to take us home. Actually, by the time he made it through all the traffic, it was closer to 3 hours.

Wasn't that so sweet?

I know.

Back off girls, this one is mine.

I loved this time with my mother. Loved it. It's been forever since we vacationed together and this time with her was such a gift. I loved seeing her so content and happy as she drank her coffee on the deck overlooking the beach.

We talked and talked and talked. And read and laughed lots and watched lame reality tv shows at night. She tried her first s'more ever on Sunday night. I slept well each night from all the fresh air, and knowing she was just down the hall.

The children swam for hours and hours, coming home only to eat something before heading back out. Pool, lunch, mini-golf, snack, beach, dinner, pool, snack, out to hear tribute bands at the funplex, bed. They are sunburned, exhausted and happy. Thank you Lord, for Solarcaine and aloe!

Jordan - my water hating priss - eventually warmed up to the idea of being in the lake. By our last day there she was walking in the water and even sat down to splash. She loved throwing rocks as far as she could and playing in the sand. She would walk through the cottage chanting "beach...beach...beach..." Actually, "beach" usually sounded like something that rhymes with "witch" if you catch my drift.

Willow was insanely excited to see us when we got home. "Crazy hyper" doesn't even cover him. Finally he just threw himself on the floor, tail wagging like crazy, all spent. He hasn't left my side since we got home!

This was my mom's first vacation in years and years, and she shared it with us. How loving is that?? She even invited my nephew's best friend to join them from Wednesday to Friday.

I am so excited....she's talking about booking another week next summer. YES!

I wanted to post some pictures to show you but for some reason Hans (my HP Touchsmart supposed to be so perfect computer) isn't co-operating. I'll try again another day.

I have laundry to do, bags to unpack, and a house to get in order.

Thanks for having us Mom! We love you!!



  1. Welcome home! So glad you had a nice time! Enjoy family night. Love you. xo

  2. So happy you all enjoyed a nice vacation!!! Can't wait to see pictures! :)

  3. Sounds awesome, I need a cottage too!
    I'm sure you have awesome pics hope you can get them up soon.

  4. Oh my word...that sounds amazing! There is just something so special about mamas, and I've gotta say...I need to meet yours! She seems like such an amazing woman, and she raised you, and you talk so highly of her!

    So...Blogapalooza...must include Kate's Mama.

  5. We LOVE solarcaine here... no one ever uses it, so I am constantly telling friends and family about the miracles it performs!!

    Glad you had fun... and the kids had fun... sounds like it was much needed!

    Be blessed-