Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Catching Up

The last few days have been very special in our house - we've been celebrating Julie's 10th birthday and Jordan's 3rd.

It's amazing how quickly the years go by, isn't it?

Julie was so excited to be in the double digits, and Jordan kept telling me she just wanted to stay 2.

I can't blame her. I want her to stay 2 as well.

Julie wanted a pool party, so we rented out a pool and party room and decorated it in a tropical theme and it rocked.

Here is Julie with her closest friends:

Jules was over the moon because her party was the first party her very best friend had ever been to. *K* kept saying how "awesome" and "cool" and "amazing" everything was! So sweet.

Here's Sam hanging in the hot tub with the guys: (sorry about the pic quality)

Not to be ignored, Jordan got in on the swimming action too:

Julie's cake:

Cindy came to help out, as did Ian's best friend Gary. We were so grateful for the extra hands because we were still fighting colds and neither of us were up for swimming. Julie had a wonderful time and we were all exhausted when we got home.

We were supposed to have my family over for dinner on Sunday but with all of us feeling lousy, we had to cancel. We ended up having a slow day, and Ian picked up dinner from Swiss Chalet (one of Julie's favourite restaurants) and we had another cake as Sunday was her actual birthday.

Today is Jordan's 3rd birthday. I brought home McD's for dinner (Jordan's favourite) and we had another cake to celebrate her. I became so teary as she sang Happy Birthday right along with us, and blew out her own candles.

We do have pics of this... but they're on Ian's iPhone. Sorry.

We have three partial cakes in the kitchen right now. You know how I love cake, right? But even I have a limit!

I'm weird when it comes to cakes. I don't think that just because the girls' birthdays are a couple of days apart, they should have to share a cake. Nope. We get each one their own for their own days. This weekend my family will be coming for dinner so we'll have even more cake. I hope Sam bakes one... he makes awesome cakes.

Today was my prenatal appointment. I didn't gain anything, so I'm still sitting at only 2 lbs. My blood pressure was a bit high and that has him concerned, and he wants me to come back in 2 weeks to have it rechecked. He said he'll give me a requisition at that time for a bio-physical profile (I think that's what it's called) to check the placental function. In other words, it's an ultrasound. He's treating me as though this is a high risk pregnancy, and I'm grateful he's staying on top of things. He said that while it's possible I could go into labour on my own, it's more likely that I will be induced, as he doesn't want me going past June 26th. That works for me, because I have someplace to be on the 29th.

Baby's heartbeat is 150 and I passed my glucose tolerance test. No gestational diabetes for me!

That's about all I have the energy to update right now. Ian gave me a refresher on how to upload pics from my camera so now I can go back to showing you pictures of my day to day life. Ha.




  1. YAY for no GD! ANd happy birthday to your big girls!

  2. Anonymous6:51 a.m.

    yay for birthday fun AND no GD!!

  3. Jordan is a smart little girl...I don't want to go past age 2 either. And I agree, NO ONE should be sharing a birthday cake, but if you need to get rid of any, you know I would be more than willing to take some off your hands. :) Looks like that pool party was a hit! I can't wait to do that with our kids.

    Yay for no GD! Sounds like things are going pretty well, can't wait to meet that little man of yours.

  4. Wow. It has been a while since you posted pics. Jordan looks so big!

    I hope that with you planning for somewhere to be on June 29th that you are allowing for the fact that your plans could change. I mean ya just never know if your gonna be up to taking a newborn out and about or how your body will be feeling.

    Glad to hear the good news and praying that the high blood pressure isn't too much of a concern. I had high blood pressure with my daughter and hmmm... I actually don't remember that being a problem but I do remember having a lengthy discussion about it. Anyway, I'll keep it in prayer.

    Glad the birthdays could be celebrated and enjoyed!