Sunday, March 06, 2011

This And That

Let me begin this post by saying thank you to those of you who left me such encouraging comments or emailed me privately regarding my last blog post. I was feeling so low and you just lifted me right up.

I appreciate you all so much, and it means so much that you would encourage me, someone you don't really know.

I don't want to portray that my life is all sunshine and rainbows, but I don't want my blog to become whiny either. I'm trying to find a balance between the two where I can just be real with you.

God has really been providing for our family during this season. Ian has at least one magic booking each weekend and that helps so much. (Did I ever tell you that Ian is a professional magician? Probably... but I love to brag about him!) Last year was pretty slow for bookings, but this year has been quite the opposite. This weekend was one of the only ones in a long while where he didn't have any, then he was offered one at the last minute. God is good.

Yesterday I went to get my hair done. I struggled with the expense of it but had to add it to the budget because my hair was looking like a disaster area and it was really affecting my self-esteem. I'm not one of those women who go to the hair salon every six weeks or everytime there is a special occasion. Oh no... it's been five months since my last appointment and I was looking pretty shaggy. I asked my stylist to make me look hawt again, but not as hawt as last time because look what happened last time.... and I pointed to my belly. We had a good laugh. (But I wasn't kidding, ha!)

I just love my stylist Mary. She is so sweet and does wonderful work. I brought Julie along because she was in dire need of a haircut as well. It was lovely girl time together. We talked about school and life and dreams and boys... it was really sweet. She's such an interesting and fun little girl, my Julie is. She will be 10 this month. Where does the time go??

Yesterday Ian surprised me with Chinese food for dinner. I had opened my fortune cookie to read what it said, then left the cookie part on my belly. A few minutes later the baby kicked me so hard that my cookie moved! His kicks have been getting stronger and stronger, and yesterday my belly was aching when I went to bed.

I see my doctor for my monthly appointment on Tuesday. I'm bringing Ian with me this time because I need him to say a few things that I'm not comfortable saying. Things like how I don't want to see the nurse practitioner anymore, just him. I'm going to also request that when the baby is born that he gets a pulse ox test.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day at work. I have a couple of things I need to do, that for some reason, no matter how many times they're explained to me, I still don't "get". Hopefully I can wrap those up tomorrow and then not worry about them until next month. As busy or frustrating as this job can be, I am deeply grateful for the work.

Jordan seems to be longing for warmer weather. She chose a sundress to wear around the house all day yesterday, and today she's modelled her bikini for me, and is now wearing a sleeveless shirt. I love her little squishy almost three year old body. Yep... three at the end of this month.

I don't think I have any ground breaking news about Sam to share. He's being awesome as usual.

Well, I think I'll wrap up my rambling for now. I'm going to try to blog a little more regularly about what's going on here. I come up with ideas at work but then forget when I get home!

Hope you all are doing well and have a great week!



  1. They don't normally do a pulse ox on newborns? Maybe Robbie had one (and continued to have one in the NICU) as he was a preemie? I know this time I am having my OB put on the forms if I ask for oxygen to give it to me!!!! Last time I had to beg for it and they still would not give me oxygen until the OB was there and consented! I probably would not have had the forceps if I had the oxygen when requested!!!

  2. That was a sweet update! Yay! for provision and that all seems to be going well with the baby.

    I'm sure your realize that you might not be able to "get it" because of pregnancy mind right? That was the worst for me, I hated not understanding or remembering things. Oy! It drove me crazy.

    Glad there has been some bright points!

    10:19 PM

  3. Love your random posts...missing you. Glad to know you're feeling better about things!!

  4. Yippee for strong kicks, being married to a magician, fresh hawt hair, and amazing kiddos! :) Hoping your appt. tomorrow will go well! Glad your husband will help stand some ground with the doctor!