Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Hour Glucose Test

Yesterday I went for my one hour glucose test. I didn't know how long it would take between travel time and wait time, so I decided to take the entire afternoon off from work.

I took a number and looked at it I heard the woman at the desk call out "22! Number 22!"

I looked down at my number.... 47.


I decided to play dumb and ask the woman at the desk if I needed to take a number since I was "only there for a glucose test." She gave me my drink and said she'd start the clock as soon as I finished it.

I seem to recall it being a pleasant orange pop type of drink and was actually looking forward to it since I always drink diet pop.

It was so syrupy and sweet and gross, and it was all stuck to the inside of my mouth. I seriously thought I was going to barf. A man across the hall must have seen that tell tale barf look on my face because he said "if you're gonna hurl lady, don't do it in my direction thank you."


I had brought my book and Javier, my iPhone, for entertainment to fill the hour wait. For the most part I was entertained by the other people waiting for their own blood work.

I was texting my friend Cindy and out of the corner of my eye I saw some guy peeking in my purse.


I looked at him and asked if he was looking for something of his in there. He gave me a dirty look and walked away.

I was amazed at one man who used a seat for his wife's purse. People were standing all around but no one must have been as tired and in need of a place to sit as that purse.

But my favourite was the man sitting next to me, reading my text conversation with Ian. I was telling him what time I'd be home and then said "I'd text more but the rude dude next to me is reading everything I'm texting."

To which the guy next to me said "I'm not rude!"

Well apparently you are if you're reading over my shoulder.

I'll get my results at my next appointment on the 29th. Hopefully I passed.

I have 10 days left before I hit my third trimester. I can hardly believe it.

I've been having difficulty getting comfortable and sleeping well. Little Dude doesn't like it when I lay on my right side for some reason and kicks me constantly until I switch sides. I'm up every hour to use the washroom. I have horrible nightmares.

But.... it will all be worth it in just over three months when I get to hold my precious little boy! I can't WAIT!!

I'll let you know about my results at the end of the month because I just know you'll be longing to know ;-)



  1. what is really bad is that I am diabetic and I still HAVE to take the test!!! I can't believe that guy was reading your text!!!!

  2. Some guy actually replied to something you wrote about him in your text! That's crazy!

    Sounds like you had an adventurous day. Who knew a routine trip to the doctor would be so, ahem, entertaining.

    Sorry to hear you are having nightmares. Nights were bad for me too, but not because of that. I always, without fail, got leg cramps that would not stop. I tried changing my diet, drinking more water, etc. but always had leg cramps at night. Sometimes they were so bad I would shoot straight out of bed in a dead sleep. *Shudder* I do not miss those days. Hopefully as you move into your last trimester you'll be able to rest peacefully.

  3. Whaaaat?! People have some cajones where you are! That is incredible. I'm glad you survived, though. I'd have lost it with the guy reading over my shoulder - I hate that when it is someone I know!

  4. This is so funny. I can't believe all the antics in one place!

    Hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing!

    Miss you on twitter but I sure am getting a lot done! :)

  5. Oh my....I can. not. believe. someone would read your texts and then call themselves out on it!! Wow!! Crossing my fingers your test comes back ok! I just did mine last week and haven't heard anything bad yet...

  6. I'm sure this appt. didn't seem hilarious at the moment, but you completely made me crack up! My dr. office seems so boring now! I was actually kind of looking forward to the fizzy orange liquid, too. Bummer!
    Hope you passed your test today with flying colors!
    By the way, total crisis: no ju jubes at the store!