Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Today was my monthly prenatal appointment. I have blogged before about the various issues I have with my doctor and how frustrated I feel when I leave there.

Last month's appointment had me very upset. I can't remember if I told you about it or not, so bear with me if I'm repeating myself. Brain cells are in short supply these days.

My doctor has a nurse practitioner working with him as part of her residency. She's a lovely woman, I am sure, however I personally don't want to have to see her. Last month she couldn't find the baby's heartbeat and just kept looking and looking, and adding more and more gel on my very gelled up belly. I told her that Dr. L has to push hard to hear it, but she didn't do that. Finally she excused herself to get him and he came in and very quickly (and roughly) located it. She also took my blood pressure but I didn't think she got an accurate reading. My doctor spoke to me for about 34.5 seconds before darting out the door.

I was so cross.

I decided I was going to bring Ian with me to my next appointment so he could tell the doctor that WE (key word) didn't want to have the NP examine me, that we'd wait for him.

I was all bothered about this pending conversation and it turned out that the NP wasn't working with him today! Talk about wasted energy. It was actually a very good appointment and I give credit for that to Ian. He and my doctor get along rather well and I don't think he likes me all that much.

So...on to the unbelievable part...

Guess how much weight I've gained this month?

One pound.

I know, right!?

That makes my total weight gain 2 pounds.

Before you start to worry about the health of my little dude, know that I am on the very "fluffy" side and baby is just taking from me.

His heart rate is 150 and, according to what they could see on the ultrasound, he looks very healthy. My blood pressure is in a good range and all is well. I need to have my 1 hour glucose test in the next few days and then I go back in 3 weeks.

Oh my word... I'm having a baby.

I just love it when this realization just washes over me like that. I am getting more and more excited by the day.

And now I'm going to lay in bed and feel my little boy roll and swish and kick and poke me, and spend some time praising the One who gave him to me.

Good night :-)



  1. Yeah! What a relief to have a good appointment! Have to admit, too, I'm a little jealous that you've only gained 2 pounds! WOW! I'm a little "fluffy" too and hope not to be an elephant by delivery!
    Enjoy those kicks!

  2. :) You made my night. Enjoy that rolling and swishing and kicking and poking...that is one of the things I miss so much!

  3. so glad your appointment went well. My son's pregnancy I only gained 2 pounds the entire time, my doctor was not happy with me! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!!!

  4. "Fluffy"! I love it! I love that you're having a baby and you're both healthy and aaah! I'm so excited!

  5. I'm glad it went well!

  6. Aww... So glad you had a better visit. It's been a while since I stopped by & didn't know you knew 'it' was a boy. Congrats!

  7. Yay! So glad for the great news!