Wednesday, April 04, 2012

This and That

We survived Julie's sleepover birthday party!

I mentioned on Friday Ian was diagnosed with bronchitis. Well, Saturday morning I woke up feeling stuffed up and sore all over. We weren't about to cancel her party just because we felt sick, so we just pressed on. Ian went out to get decorations and supplies. I baked her birthday cake, as well as a few dozen sugar cookies for the girls to decorate. Sam helped Julie hang some decorations and Jordan just about fainted all day long from excitement.

They danced and sang, decorated cookies and opened gifts, did each other's nails and played games, ate pizza and chips, and talkedtalkedtalkedtalkedtalked! Ian called lights out at 12:30 but had to go downstairs NINE times afterwards to get the girls to settle down. The ninth time he had to go, two of the girls were shining flashlights into Sam's room where he and his friend were gaming.


Ian got up Sunday morning and put out a buffet breakfast for the girls: fruit, donuts, fresh baked (by him!) cinnamon buns, and juice. All the girls, as well as Sam's friend, were picked up at 9:30. Perfect.

Meanwhile, I was sick in bed, convinced I was dying. I hate being sick and ohmygosh I can't remember ever feeling like this. I ended up staying in bed on Monday as well, most of Tuesday and I skipped my bible study this morning. Sam and Julie seem to have what I have, which is more of a chest cold type deal, but Jordan and Matthew got more of a stomach bug.

We're a hot mess here, I tell you. My mom calls regularly to ask how we're doing and asking how she can help, but I don't want to risk her catching anything we're carrying. It will end eventually and we'll all be back on our feet.

I finished The Hunger Games and just as I expected, I didn't get caught up in the hype. Sam is reading it now, and he doesn't seem too caught up in it either. We have lots of movie coupons around here so we're trying to decide if it's worth seeing in the theatre or not.

My pastor dropped by today. I'm sure he thought he'd be in and out in two minutes, but I got a hold of that poor man's ear and I unloaded. Right there on my freezing porch. He knows me well and knows that I ramble and cry, and today I certainly did not disappoint, but he's always able to keep up and never fails to offer loving encouragement and incredible wisdom. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Such a kind man.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see a specialist. My actual appointment isn't scheduled until the middle of June, but I'd decided that I could be dead by then, and asked to be put on their cancellation list and tomorrow popped up. I'm hoping for good news.

I'm very excited for this weekend and to celebrate Easter at our church. As if celebrating the Risen Lord isn't going to be enough, it marks the end of Lent and I can drink pop again.


I keep telling Ian that I'm going to roll on into our church on Sunday morning with my big two litre bottle of Diet Pepsi and three straws stuck together to form one big one, and just drink it all through the service.

Ha. I would never do that...but could you imagine if you looked over and saw me doing it?? Too much.

That's it for tonight.



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  1. Oh how I love you. I hope you get answers from this specialist...although last time, I'm pretty sure you walked away pregnant. Wait. Um. That didn't come out quite right! ;)