Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Catch-up

This past weekend was busy!

Friday night, Ian took Sam and Julie to youth group, and I hung out with Jordan and Mattie watching Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go and tried not to poke my eyes out. I love being with my little people, but those shows are torture.

Saturday afternoon, Julie and I browsed the mall for a couple of hours together. We've been trying to have more girl time together, which we both enjoy. Ian's parents came for dinner in the evening.

Sunday we all headed to church. I was so excited to get there because our pastor was going to be doing a sermon on faith during the hard times, and I need all the encouragement I can get! We sat in the very back, which ended up being a good thing because I got very into the singing part. My butt was goin', my hand was raised... I was praisin' the Lord I tell you.

Sunday afternoon I went to a baby shower for a young woman in our church. Normally I don't like going places by myself because I feel like a loser, but for some reason I was really excited about going and I had a really nice time. AND I held a beautiful four week old baby and felt absolutely no baby fever whatsoever.

Oh yes, you may clap if you'd like. Four and no more is my motto.

Sunday evening I returned to the church to hear a woman share her testimony and talk about human trafficking in Canada and the ramifications of the new legislation for prostitution in Canada. I was unprepared for what I heard and learned. My heart broke. I don't have permission to share her story here, but oh my goodness... it is an incredibly powerful example of a redeemed life. Incredible.

Yesterday Ian and I took Jordan and Matthew to an indoor playground. Ian found a super cheap coupon on Wagjag and the littles get something like six visits for $8. We had the place to ourselves!

Mattie loved the ball pit.

And he loved tooling around in this little car.

I tried and tried and tried to get pictures of Jordan but she wouldn't let me. I need to win the lottery so that I can buy a high-power-super-shutter-speed camera so I can snap all the pictures of her I want, whether she likes it or not.

Lots to do this week as usual. Busy is good, it keeps me out of trouble.

Have a great day!


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