Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When It Rains It Pours

Today has been one of those days.

I woke up this morning feeling "off". I showered and dressed with the intent to go to my Bible study, but I just couldn't get myself going. I ended up skipping it altogether. Instead, I decided to get some more packing done which felt good.

I had an appointment with an employment agency this afternoon and my contact there discussed a couple of potential opportunities I might be suitable for. She believes she can get me placed rather quickly which would be really good. The sooner the better. It was a good meeting, and I left feeling pretty good about it.

Then I got out to the car and it wouldn't start. It just made this clicking noise. I'm not a mechanic, but I suspected it was the battery. I texted Ian and he gave me a number of things to try, none of which ended up working. He said he'd make some calls and call me right back.

While I waited I started to cry. On top of everything else that is going on with our life, this was the final straw. Really God?? I just sat there, feeling sorry for myself and doing the ugly cry.

There were several men nearby doing landscaping, and one of them came over to see if I was ok. I told him how my car wouldn't start and he brought his truck over to give me a jump. I was so grateful! I texted Ian to tell him I didn't need a tow truck, and I was on my way.

On my way translated to about twenty feet and the car just died. I tried to start it and it didn't even make the clicking noise it made before the guys helped me. Just nothing. I got out and called the guys over again, and they brought the truck around. But this time when they jumped me, there was all this clunking noise and then a really strong burning smell. One guy shouted for me to turn off the car, then told me there wasn't any way I was going anywhere, and I needed to call my husband back.

I called Ian and he arranged for CAA to come and get me, and for my mom to bring the children home after school. While I waited for CAA to come, I must have counted two hundred cars that just passed me by. No one stopped to see if I needed help. They just passed by, disinterested and unconcerned.

I am exceptionally lame in situations like this in a normal situation, but with everything that's going on right now, I just felt broken. I was useless. Then a young woman came running up to my window to say she'd seen me crying, did I need help or would I like her to stay with me until help came? So sweet.

CAA came quickly and had the car hooked up in no time and proceeded to my house. Apparently the first ten kilometres are free and then they charge something like $3 per kilometre after that. I live about 30-40 km from my agency appointment and was mentally totalling how much it was going to cost, then stressing out how we'd pay it.

The tow truck driver brought me right home, backed the car into my driveway, and didn't charge me for the extra kilometres. What a blessing.

So, here we are without a vehicle. We only have the one, so now we need to figure something out. A friend of ours lost her father this past weekend so we were planning on going to the visitation tonight and the funeral in the morning, and Ian has a magic booking on Friday night. I don't know what we're going to do. I am so frustrated.

What can I say. When it rains it pours.



  1. So sorry to hear about your terrible day! Praying that today brings LOTS of sunshine in unexpected places!!

    1. Thank you Kristin. I can always count on your kindness and prayers. xo

  2. Oh Kate! I'll keep you in my prayers for God to provide you some relief soon. If God is refining you through all this, you will SHINE soon!

    1. This refining business HURTS! Thank you for your continued prayers, friend.