Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week(s) At A Glance

Busy day ahead - Matt and I are about to head out to my Bible study this morning, then we have playgroup this afternoon. Love full days like this!
(and I love that it's going to be a Dora-free day for the most part!)

I'm very behind in posting my cell pics, so this post will have a lot of them.

Julie and Mattie at the park.

I love when Max sleeps like this.

Unreal. And it's gone up from when I took this picture.

I have always loved this store, so imagine my joy when I found one near my house! I browsed at my leisure and made my 2012 Christmas list...

It's happening! Boxes, boxes, everywhere!

These are such a huge hit in the US it seems. I don't understand why they're being marketed as being something new. They're CLEMENTINES, people. Been around forever. Except for Jules, my kids don't like citrus fruit so they aren't in on the hype.

Speaking of Julie, take a peek at her sidewalk chalking she did recently. She did an incredible one over the weekend for Easter, but I didn't get out in time to take a picture of it and I think it's gone now.

Amazing right???

Here is our vacuum # 17, on his way to the graveyard.

Painting weekend was a success, and freshed up our hallways.

I read this and wasn't in love with it. Sam wanted to read it and I figured I should check it out first. He's reading it now, and we're trying to decide if we should see it in the theatre. We have coupons, so we're thinking yes.

I think I went through two boxes myself while I was sick.

What I'm reading now.

I had to give Jordan a time out, then I got very involved in what I was doing and forgot her. When I went to get her, this is what I found.

We had some really warm weather a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to dress Mattie in shorts! Look at his chubba baby legs!

Getting ready to review this on my blog - coming soon!

Please Walmart... I'm one of your most faithful customers...please make it store policy to be dressed in regular daytime clothes in order to shop in your stores.

With all this packing and cleaning, I'm loving how organized it looks underneath my kitchen sink.

That's what it's been looking like 'round these parts lately!


  1. Our kitty cats sleep in some odd positions too. My favorite is when Sky sleeps face down. How on earth does he breathe?

    Gas prices are pretty crazy here too, but as I believe we have discussed before, yours wins the prize.

    Beautiful drawing. A budding artist you have there eh?

    You know how many vaccuum cleaners you have owned?!

    Not interested in the Hunger games but I suppose if my kiddos were a couple of years older I would be checking them out too. Thankfully (for now) I didn't have to. :)

    My "little one" has fallen asleep whilst on time out too. And once my mom left me standing in the corner for so long I fell asleep standing up. The odd part is I vaguely remember that incident. Just being sleepy and wanting to go to bed while being in the corner, not how "awful" my mom was. :)

    I've heard crazy love is a great book. He has a second one if you like that one. That other book looks good too. Please let the world know your opinions soon! :)

    It's crazy, we live in California and really haven't had shorts weather yet! How is the true "winter" parts of North America are getting warmer weather than us. Or maybe it's just that we're wimpier when it come the tempuratures. You can say that if you want. When we first moved here from Oregon I used to tease others when they thought it was cold. Now I think I've become one!

    Whew! I had a lot to say today didn't I?

  2. Love catching up with all the cute pictures! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. That is one absolutely, incredibly gorgeous baby boy! I'm quite partial because to my own who I believe to have been the most beautiful boy ever born, but let me tell you - I stand corrected! That baby is just so sweet!!!!