Sunday, February 14, 2010

Getting To Know You ~ Vlog Style ~ February 14

Once again, Sunday has rolled around with warp speed.

Ha ha on you, Sunday...because this is a long weekend. HA!

Being that it's Sunday, it's time for Keely's Getting To Know You blog hop. Rather than post my questions, I'm doing it vlog-style.

Disclaimer: I don't know what I was looking at while I was talking. I thought I was looking in the right place but now I'm not so sure. Rest assured that when/if you and I get to talk for real, I will look you in the eye like a normal person.

And here we go!

If you'd like to play along then visit Mannland3 and join in!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!



  1. I take back every elderly comment I have ever made about you. You are pure sunshine! I am honored that I even know you! What a fun vlog! (I still think you should have sang "Pants on the ground")
    Love ya girl!

  2. pants on the ground would have been great! maybe next week?!?!?!

  3. You are even MORE adorable Real life? Gah! I dunno!

    That was awesome! Don't let anyone tell you you have an accent...'cuz you don't, and you didn't even say 'eh once!!

    You are a natural...and I thought you were lookin' in the right place!!

  4. Hey there- you don't have to post this comment, but I just wanted to let you know that there is an option on youtube when you post a video to your blog, that you can click... I don't remember what it says, (some help, huh?) but you can click it so that no other "videos like" show up afterwards... so people won't go from yours to some junk that shows up that is really nothing like your video! (there are a couple right now that are a little/lot too risque, if you know what I mean...) it's going to bug me that I can't remember... hold on...

  5. ok, when you click on "embed" on the right of your video, to highlight the html, a drop box thing opens up, and there is a list with checkboxes, the top one says "Include related videos" and is automatically checked, uncheck it, easy peasy, then nothing else shows up at the end of your video!

  6. Mama M stole my word, my first thought was "you're so adorable!"
    I'm a certifiable chocolate lover myself, and agree that Valentine's Day should see no more love than the other 364 days of the year...

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. Um. Excuse me?? Could I LOVE you more? NO. You are BEAUTIFUL!!! ANd your hair is prefect!! And your SO funny... in person too!!! I curse the distance between us! (seriously so frustrated that we cannot just hang out 24-7!)

    I want MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE of these!!! You are SO cute and funny and I want MORE MORE MORE!!!



  8. Kate! You look great! You are K.At.E!!!!! Great job on your first ever vLog!

    Love the perma-grin by the way! :)

  9. Very cute...I miss you. Can we squeeze in a coffee this week? I will make the trek to Bramladesh if required. Let me know.

  10. You are just so adorable! :-) Could you be any more cute?!?

    I don't even have a webcam, so I have no idea where to look either lol. I just leaned over to the side and you were looking right at me ;)

    Thanks for such a wonderful vlog!

  11. OMW!!! You are tooooo cute! I LOVE it! Love that you were like, "Keely, granny jammies!" LMBO! Love you more today!

  12. Kate! I LOVE YOU!!! You kicked are the cutest..most adorable, most blued eyed blonde haired dimpled lady I ever done see..

    You are charming and funny..I can't say enough..


    Mike watched it too and laughed and said you were cute..

    We're team Kate here in Texas..

    Happy Valentime's Day! ;-)

  13. YEAH! Way to go! Love it.

  14. How gorgeous are you?!!! Way to go! You are hilarious and I so LOVED this! Please do another one soon!


  15. Hi Kate! I am a "new" blog friend. I absolutely love the video. I look forward to following along with your "old" blog friends. And thanks for visiting me (and the hubs)!

  16. Oh my gosh, that was the most fun EVER to watch! You're so funny and cute! Honestly, you looked really natural in front of the camera...I'm a giant dork and blink the entire time I'm being recorded. NOT adorable! LOL!

    I loved getting to see you. Now I can "hear" you in your posts!

  17. Ok so what is your secret to amazing hair? Loved it, you need to do more of these. You should be on TV! So natural in front of the camera. Saw Amanda's comment on how proper you sound and I had to come on here and check it out. She is so right!!

  18. That's my favorite vlog ever. You honestly and truly crack me up! I'm telling you, I was already laughing about the comment you left on my blog...the "I find that highly offensive" one. Then I come here to see this, and I am just more in love if it's possible.

    And Andy made us steaks tonight too. I actually asked him earlier if he would watch that movie wiht me tonight and he said no. So you're luckier than I am.

    Oh, and I am still laughing about the sexy lingerie (sp?) question. Get outta here with that. I am a t-shirt and shorts, or comfy pj pants kinda girl.

  19. No.Way. You are SO unbelievable adorable and sweet!! Holy cow, can you seriously come live in MN? I can't get over how awesome you are...and you're so proper, I love it! :) I love the granny jammies answer, totally cracked up. Can you please do this like once a least.
    Love Ya!! :)

  20. You're a natural! And I love your sence of humour :) "what candy is your favourite?" "I don't discriminate I love them all" hahaha! Awesome. Also the granny jammies, classic. You're awesome !!

  21. Oh that was just lovely! You seemed to be looking in the right place IMO. The whole ValentiMes day thing gets on my nerves too. Esp. when adults say it. It's kinda cute for kids, but adults? Unless you're just illiterate!

    Loved the vlog! You have to do this again soon!

  22. You are so adorable! Hehe. Loved the vlog, my dear :)!

  23. Woo Hoo! That was awesome! How fun to hear and see you finally! (Like I should talk ;-)

    M&Ms, I'm with ya sister! Granny PJs...not so much! He he! Thanks for sharing this with us! Sorry it took me so long to get here, my laptop has issues!

  24. Whoo hooo! So great to actually see you talk! Great vlog.

  25. Why does the square show up empty for me...for some reason I see no video (and I'm not even using the reader). Judging by the comments you were your usual amazing self and I can't wait to check it out. I'll have to try from work tomorrow - not sure why it won't show up here at home.... I'm SOO bummed....

  26. Woohoo! I finally watched it here at work! Very cool. It was nice to "see" and "hear" you in real life! You are the same and different than what I had expected...imagined? But all in a good way of course! That was very cool! Thanks for sharing....

  27. I've never heard anyone say Valentime's Day, but it would probably rub me wrong too if I did hear it.

    And I think you looked at "us" just fine. Nice ta meet ya!

  28. You made my day!!!

    I'm happy to see you on VBLOG!! Talk about BEAUTIFUL lady! Your a NATURAL.. Love it..

    I put my request for pants on the ground tooo...

    Kepp smiling sunchine :)