Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Not-Sew-Easy Sewing Project

I think I am now sufficiently rested enough to tell you about my arduous sewing project.

Ok it wasn't that bad. I just have a short attention span and I get frustrated quickly. Good thing my Mama is such a patient lady.

Saturday morning, Ian dropped us all off at my Mama's and he headed into the office for the day. After a short break, Mama cracked her whip lovingly suggested we get started. She had taken Sassie Susie to Singer the night before so that the tech could show her how the pesky bobbin goes in and to re-attach the presser foot that had fallen off in my hand.

Did you catch my terminology there? I said presser foot. I'm not fooling around here, peeps.

Here's another shot of my new BFF Sassie Susie:

She's lovely, is she not?

Here is the pattern I chose:

In case you can't tell, it's a nightgown. I chose pink flannel as my fabric.

My wrinkly crinkly pattern fresh out of the envelope:

I ironed it then cut it out:

Pinning it to the fabric took me awhile because I had to make sure my pins were perfectly aligned. I kept pricking myself. I didn't like that part so much.

After repeatedly asking my Mama if it was pinned correctly and was she absolutely sure it was ready to be cut, I said a last-minute prayer then cut out the pieces:

Oh heck yeah, I was on a roll.

Until I looked at the instructions.

I was all "what the..." so I decided my Mama would be the Keeper Of The Instructions and I would just do what she told me to.

I don't have any pictures of me actually sewing because I was so incredibly frustrated on fire that I didn't take any.

I did, however, learn how to re-thread my machine. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Here is my Mama pinning the sleeve-to-be into the arm hole:

I hated sewing those sleeves-to-be into the tiny armholes.

I did like sewing this little lacy hem type thing along the edge of the sleeves-to-be, however:

This project took all day. I made a lot of mistakes and had to rip out a lot of stitches. I wanted to fire it across the room a few times. But my ever patient Mama kept me on track and I finished.


When I was finished sewing the last bit and turned it right-side-out, I started to cry. It was far from perfect, but I finished it.

As soon as we got home, I put it on Jordan. We were all telling her how pretty she looked and she just beamed. She kept rubbing her hands on the front of it and swishing all around while she walked.

Again, far from perfect, but I wasn't expecting perfection. I can see what I did wrong and what things I will do differently next time. I'm going out tomorrow night to buy another piece of fabric to make another one, just to get used to it.

So...whatcha think?



  1. Wow, that is amazing! You did a great job for that being your first time! And Jordan looks so thrilled! Congrats!

  2. SSOOO cute! And Jordan looks absolutely adorable, but really, when doesn't she? :) You have done SO good! and yes, those instructions are so weird...I love to sew, but those instructions mess me up...I think they are written in a whole 'nother language.

    ...PS...want to make me one?!?! :)

  3. LOOOOOOVE!! It's SO cute, Jordan loves it look at her! Can you come here and teach me, I want to learn...pretty please!? :) Can't wait to see all the stuff you are making way up there! :)

  4. I think it's awesome!!! I think before long you are going to be doing a custom sewn nightie giveaway ;)

    Seriously, I am wanting to learn how to do this.

    I would love to be able to make my kids' Halloween costumes. Suppose I can add it to my rapidly growing list of things I'd like to do.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. You are such a rockstar! I LOVE IT! I would pay big bucks for that and who cares if it's perfect? Her Mommy made it! Two things that keep me from sewing: 1) Lack of awesome teacher and 2) Inherent aversion to all things "instruction". I'm super impressed - really, Kate, that's amazing. I'm going to send my request for my kids' Halloween costumes up your way now, mmmkay?

  6. Awesome job! My first 3 sewing projects were never completed because I got so frustrated. I think I've only sewn about 15 things since then. I love the sense of satisfaction you get when you're done, though. Love it!

  7. Okay, I tried making a shirt once when I was in my 20's...without a patient Mama feeding me instructions...and I ended up with the arm holes at different heights on the bodice and different didn't fit my then-stick skinny arms! So, may I say I am WAY IMPRESSED and a little green with jealousy over what I see to be an INCREDIBLEY GORGEOUS project! Kudos to you, Kate! Kudos! Honestly, I think it's really great!

  8. Good job! I have had my own machine since I was 12... my step-mom is a seamstress - talk about stress! I have sewed many things, but lately not so much. My last two projects were my wedding dress/flower girl's dress and Robbie's blessing outfit. My wedding dress was way easier to make then a preemie outfit! You will be a pro in no time!

  9. Robbie's blessing outfit:

    My wedding dress:

    Flower girl dress:

  10. Very cute. I have a sewing machine (with no name unfortunately) and I even use it occasionally....for craft projects and small items..even a Halloween costume once, but a "real" piece of clothing? No way. That's too hard! LOL

    The gown turned out great! I'm sure it's just the start of many beautiful things Jordan will be wearing over the years that are made with love by her Mommy and Sassie Sue!

  11. It's wonderful, K.At.E!! I love it. :)

    I enjoy sewing, but I haven't sewed from a pattern since I was in 8th grade. So we're talking a REALLY long time! When I sew, I make it up as I go along...I really would like to learn how to use a pattern correctly. I admire you!

  12. At first I was like why the hell would anyone want to do this. Too much for me! But whoa! So cute, it looks perfect to me! I bet you were so excited.


    I like the giveaway idea!!

  13. Oh so very nice!! To make your pictures bigger.... Go to customize>settings then scroll to the bottom and make sure you are using the updated editor. That should help then if you use photobucket or flickr to host your pictures be sure that you resize them to 480x640 or the one that looks similar to that then when you post them as xlarge they will work. You may need to play with the width of your main wrapper but try this first then let me know ok??

  14. You made a nightgown!!! Go you!!! I'm super proud of you...I've never sewed ANYTHING, and you made a real piece of clothing! Woohoo!

  15. Anonymous1:39 a.m.

    Look at you!!! Ah, with Sassy Susie by your side and a nightgown under your belt, there's no stoppin' you now, lady!

    Though I love to sew and have been doing it for a while, I have actually never ventured into the realm of using a pattern. You're my hero! ;-)

  16. What do I think?!! I think you are my idol!! A nightie? You completed a nightie? rock! Just like those cookies say!!

  17. I LOVE it!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! You go girl!! I cant wait to see you do many, many more amazing things!!!


  18. Great job, Kate! I'm proud of you:)

  19. What a sweetie!

    You and your daughter make me smile every time I see pictures.

    I am so impressed with your sewing project! When our addition is done I will have a place to pull out my 3 ancient sewing machines to see if any of them work any more. I sure hope so, so I can make adorable little nightgowns for my baby girl :)