Monday, January 16, 2012


Every so often I have a smack my head moment when I realize I don't take very many pictures of Matthew. I guess that's a side affect of being the fourth kid on the scene.

But there are perks to being number four as well. He never has to do anything for himself. There is always someone close by to pick up something he dropped or to give him a hug, or a sip of his bottle.

Recently I commented to Sam in my usual calm, relaxed way, "HE SHOULD BE SITTING BY NOW! WHY ISN'T HE SITTING!? WE NEED TO TEACH HIM!"

Sam, who really is calm and relaxed, gently sat him down on the floor. He watched him for a second and then looked up at me. "You mean like this?"


Who knew he'd be a pro sitter right out of the gate??

All he wants to do now is sit and play with his toys.

Such great posture.

I love his little arms and legs!

He tries hard to crawl but hasn't mastered it yet. I can't leave him playing because he sometimes gets rolling around to check out other parts of the living room. All he has to do is start to whimper and someone jumps in to help him get what he wants.

We can't help ourselves!

He saw the doctor last week for his last round of vaccinations and he weighs 19 lbs! He's such a perfect little squishy armful.

He laughs and smiles quickly, and babbles and coos all the time. I love how his whole face lights up when he sees me.

He's still a lousy sleeper. Good thing he's so cute.

His hair has three different things going on all at once. The top is all spiky, the front does something else all together and the back is smooth.


Oh I love him.

OK. I need to go and take some more pictures of him to quell some of this Mama Guilt.



  1. It could be worse Kate. There is exactly 1 baby picture of me and I am 18 months old in it!!! There may be former foster parents of mine out there with pictures but I will never know...

  2. So so cute! Keep taking those pictures! He's adorable!

  3. I could just eat him up! He has got to be the cutest little guy ever! I know all about that Mama guilt. Being the 3rd born, poor little Moosey barely has 1/3 of the pictures that my other two have. I'm just now getting around to putting her in the scrapbook and she's 4 years old already! That Mama guilt is gnawing away at me.

    I am SO happy to be back at blogging/commenting again! I've missed you, my friend! ((HUGS))

  4. Anonymous5:51 p.m.

    He is very cute!